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Sheppard: We all know it’s sickening

Posted by Chris Brown on December 10, 2012 – 1:55 pm

Bills LB Kelvin Sheppard and the defense held their fourth straight opponent to under 90 yards rushing. The Rams averaged just 2.9 per carry in the win over Buffalo. Buffalo’s defense has also allowed an average of 16.8 points per game over their last four games, yet they only have two wins to show for it.

“We all know that it’s sickening. If you were at the game you saw that,” Sheppard told of Sunday’s final minute. “It’s disheartening to put in all this work, to put in all the effort to go out and basically shut down, probably if not the best, one of the best running backs to play in the last 10 years or so, to put out that type of effort and lose in the fashion we did is very disheartening.”

Sheppard wasn’t pointing any fingers. He just wants the team to find a way to have all three phases playing at their best simultaneously, something that has been elusive for the Bills to capture on a Sunday.

“It’s like the needle in the balloon, taking all of the air out of it,” Sheppard said. “We get a lot of momentum coming off a good win last week and like you said we haven’t been able to clinch back-to-back wins pretty much since the beginning of the season. So I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of a complete team. It can’t be the offense showing up big one week, the defense taking a week off. Defense showing up big, offense taking a week off. There has to be a collective effort in this league to be able to win.”

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