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Stevie frustrated by another defeat

Posted by Chris Brown on December 10, 2012 – 8:55 am

Bills top wideout Stevie Johnson had six catches for 71 yards in Sunday’s game, but he was just as frustrated as everyone else that the offense couldn’t make the plays it needed to down the stretch to ensure victory in a tight game.

Johnson was first asked if Sunday’s loss was a missed opportunity.

“Yeah, that’s what it was, a missed opportunity out there. We had the game and then (St. Louis) came back and they wanted it more, I guess, and they won,” he said.

The follow up question asked him to clarify if he thought the Rams wanted the game more.

“When you got the lead the entire game and it comes down to a minute left,  it basically comes down to who wants it more, who’s going to make the play,” said Johnson. “Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, but they ended up making the plays and they ended up getting the win.”

What  had him most frustrated was the inability of the receivers to make any game changing plays against St. Louis’ defensive backs.

“Nothing, they didn’t do anything defensively,” he said. “We should have destroyed their cornerbacks. That’s how the game played out.”

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