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Bills defenders call performance a setback

Posted by Chris Brown on December 16, 2012 – 10:31 pm

Despite practicing it time and again during the course of the practice week the Bills had no answer for Seattle’s read option running attack with Russell Wilson, who had 92 yards on nine carries and three rushing touchdowns in the 50-17 win over Buffalo. For a run defense that had showed league-leading improvement, even they had to admit Sunday was a sizable step back.

“It’s definitely a step back for us as far as run defense goes,” said Nick Barnett. “It’s unconventional runs, but we’ve got to be able to stop those and it’s not that big of a deal if we execute our responsibilities and we got a little nosy on a couple of plays and you can’t do that against this team. They’ll make you pay for your mistakes.”

Barnett pointed to himself for missing the ‘B’ gap on the 44-yard run by Marshawn Lynch that led to a Seattle field goal. But more than that was Buffalo’s inability to slow the keeper carries by Wilson.

“That is a type of offensive run scheme that we’ve had trouble with, that option that zone read,” said Kyle Williams. “Since the bye against conventional offenses we’ve made some strides, and done some good things, but to go back to that we’ve had some trouble with that zone read thing. To defend that you have to play very disciplined and we didn’t.”

Mario Williams even went so far as to say there were continuous screw ups with assignment responsibilities.

“You go from being pretty traditional with the running games that we faced here in the last weeks to hitting somebody who is deadly with the read option and get Marshawn on top of that. Now it’s just not one person,” said Williams. “Now if you know one (defensive) guy switches the other (defensive) guy has to switch too. We both can’t end up on the quarterback and we both can’t end up on the dive and for whatever reason that’s what happened.

“For some reason, whenever they gave us motion and what not and we kind of had the responsibilities switch one person knew what was going on and the other person for whatever reason didn’t and we definitely got hurt in every aspect as far as keeping it or giving it.”

George Wilson said practicing for Russell Wilson and then seeing him live just aren’t the same, but admitted they were undisciplined.

“We worked on it all week, but seeing it in practice and defending it in the game are two completely different deals sometimes,” he said. “With the way those runs were springing early on there had to be guys being overly aggressive and doing more than what was asked of them on a given play and trying to do too much as opposed to their particular job.”

Seattle finished with 270 rushing yards on the day.

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