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BDC 12/17: Bills vs. Seahawks Recap

Posted by Bills Daily Charge on December 17, 2012 – 9:43 am


–The Buffalo Bills traveled north of the border to face the Seattle Seahawks in the fifth regular-season installment of their annual Toronto game, and were defeated by a score of 50-17 at Rogers Centre as their record falls to 5-9 on the season. Despite the loss, several Bills were able to notch notable career achievements on the offensive side of the ball. RB C.J. Spiller carried the ball 17 times for 103 yards and a score. His third 100-yard effort this season put him over the 1,000 yard mark on the year. Spiller completed the feat on 154 carries – the second-fewest in NFL history. With his 20-yard touchdown throw to WR Stevie Johnson in the second quarter, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick moved into sole possession of third-place in team history with 78 touchdown passes – breaking a tie with former Bills QB Jack Kemp. The touchdown catch was the 25th of Johnson’s career, which moves him into a tie with former Bills TE Pete Metzelaars and WR Peerless Price for seventh in team history. It was also the 23rd scoring connection between Fitzpatrick and Johnson, landing the duo in a tie for third-place with Joe Ferguson and Frank Lewis.  Johnson went over 100 yards receiving for the second time this year and sixth in his career, tallying 115 yards on eight receptions. Johnson is the 14th Bill to produce at least six 100-yard receiving games. Fitzpatrick hit seven different targets as he went 21-for-38 for 217 yards and a touchdown. SS George Wilson led the way on defense, recording 10 total tackles. LB Kelvin Sheppard chipped in with seven stops and a sack on the first play of the game. DT Spencer Johnson recorded a sack as well.


The Howard Simon Show – WGR 550
Chan Gailey
Ryan Fitzpatrick – 9:40

Schopp and The Bulldog – WGR 550
Stevie Johnson – 4:00 PM



Head Coach Chan Gailey
Opening statement:
We played extremely poor offensively and defensively today. As bad as it was, I thought we had a chance coming out. The turnover right after halftime I thought really hurt. It killed the momentum we created right at the end of the first half. Biggest thing is we could not stop the run, the scramble and quarterback read stuff. The quarterback rushing for that many yards, normally you do not win. (We) Could not hit a deep ball; we had several chances. Could not hit a deep ball. Had some opportunities, but the bottom line—we just played poorly on offense and defense today.

Q: Did this game remind you of the team’s performance in the San Francisco game?
A: We played bad. We played poorly. If you play poorly against a good football team, you are going to look extremely bad. We played poorly and we looked extremely bad. We did.

Q: How surprised were you by the lack of execution?
A: You are always surprised by that. You expect to execute all the time. There were times where I thought we had them bottled up and he got out of there. There were times I thought we hit some passes. We would drop a pass here, drop a pass there and miss one. It kills drives. We are not good enough to misfire and keep things going right now. We are not good enough to do that.

Q: Is anger part of the emotion today?
A: Sure it is. You are angry. You are angry at yourself because you did not get the team ready to play at the level they needed to play to win the ball game. When they do not play well, the buck stops with me. I understand that.

Q: What should the players be playing for at this point?
A: I want them to play for themselves, for the fans, for professionalism and for pride. If you start going out there and having too many things that go into your mind about why you are playing the game, you will be able to give it up too easily. You need to be out there, playing for yourselves and the fans. Those are the most important things.

Q: How about RB C.J. Spiller’s effort today?
A: I thought he ran the ball well. He did some really good things. We could not get him any screen passes. We could not get him the ball in the open field like we wanted to. He made some things happen. Then we got so far behind, we just could not stick with the running game the way we wanted to.

Q: How tough is it to play without the home field advantage?
A: I do not think where we played today had anything to do with it. You play good or you play bad whether it is home, road or anywhere. The bottom line is you have to play well. I do not care where you are. If you are a good football team, you play well. If you are not a good football team, you do not play well. It does not matter where it is and I do not think where you play…you would obviously like to play at home but I said the other day you like to play 16 of them at home, but you cannot. That is the way it is. You cannot worry about that. That is not what affected us.

Q: Talk about the quarterback sneak on first-and-10.
A: They were bringing the safety off the edge and he could have thrown the ball outside to Stevie (Johnson), but the guy had him pressed up. He ended up instead of taking a timeout and taking a delay, he ran the ball where the ball was supposed to be run by the blocking scheme. He really just kept it into that hole to tried to salvage a bad play and let us play the next down.


QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

Q: How frustrated are you with this loss?
A: Very frustrated. I thought we obviously did not come out sharp, but had some points there at the end of the half and getting the ball first. Felt like we had a little bit of momentum. We came out and I had the interception. Kind of lost all momentum that we had and went downhill from there fast.


Q: How much did the game plan change throughout the game?
A: A little bit, not a ton. More so in the second half. In the first half we tried to kind of stay with what we were doing. Tried to be patient a little bit. We got the touchdown there late and then the two minute drive with the field goal. We tried to stay with what we were doing in the first half. Came out in the second half with the interception and I think there was the sack-fumble. Kind of had to ditch it after that.

Q: What was the point of the quarterback sneak on first-and-10?
A: That was me. We were in a bad play. I did not want to take a timeout. We had a bad look. Outside it was a run play and the safety was blitzing off of the edge. Like I said, it happened late in the 24-second clock. I did not want to take a timeout and I did not want to hand the ball to C.J. (Spiller) with a guy untouched coming at him for a fumble. So I thought that was the best thing. Got us to second-and-nine. Not obviously a great play, but it was a play that we did not have a negative play with yardage, a fumble or a turnover. We ended up getting the first down, so I would not say that was much of a factor in the outcome.

Q: Your reaction to the fake punt with them leading big?
A: You guys can draw your own opinions from that. I just do not know if that is really my style.

Q: But you are still in the game. Why can’t they run it?
A: Yeah. That is why I say you can write about it. It is just personally not my style.

Q: Did you feel like you may have forced some throws once you fell behind?
A: Absolutely. I think you come out of this game and it is the second interception for a touchdown. I think at a point you are out there and it is a fine line. You are trying to make plays, but it is a ‘you do not want it to get worse than it is’ kind of thing. I kind of fell into that with that throw there.


Q: The Bills have been here five times and won once. Is the crowd any part of the reason for that?
A: None. This is just something that we know is part of it. That atmosphere is definitely different than the Ralph.

Q: WR Stevie Johnson and RB C.J. Spiller seemed to play well offensively.
A: Yeah, and Scott (Chandler) too. Scott played through some stuff in the second half, but all three of those guys in a game like this especially in the second half. It is tough to sit there and hand the ball to C.J., hand the ball to C.J—but he showed what kind of player he is again today. I thought Stevie did a great job. They played a lot of zone coverage, a lot of corners deep and running guys out underneath Stevie. Anytime we got man coverage up top they could not cover him at all. Obviously probably the best catch I have ever seen him make.  One of the best catches I have ever seen in person with the grab that he had.

Q: What do you do about the fact as players you are making HC Chan Gailey’s seat hotter?
A: I obviously do not feel great about the way that we played, but especially for a guy that has given so many guys in the locker room opportunities. I, more so than anybody, it pains me to not go out there, throw ten touchdowns every time and win every game. Especially to lose like we did today and the fact that my performance and our performance on offense, our performance on defense. We played poorly and it reflects poorly on him. It just eats me up. I know it eats other guys up as well.

Q: What is your message to the fans who are frustrated?
A: It is hard for me to say anything at this point coming off the field right there and losing like we did. Hopefully we will come out next game and the next two games and put a better product on the field.

Q: Take us through the interceptions and what happened on those plays.
A: The first one—a pass play I have thrown to Scott (Chandler) a lot this year. The backside linebacker kind of snuck in and got it. Just one of those plays I did not locate him until too late. The second one I was trying to do a little bit too much. Scott ran a route. I kind of scrambled out and he turned up field. It was definitely an ill-advised throw trying to do too much. Threw it and ducked. Not a good decision on that one.



QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
–With TD pass today (20 yds. to Stevie Johnson in 2nd qtr.), raised TD total as Bill to 78, breaking tie with Jack Kemp (77) for 3rd on club all-time chart
–Also raised season total to 22 … 2012 is 3rd season of career with 20+ TD (23 in 2010, 24 in 2011) … needs 2 to match personal season-high (24 in 2011)
–With next TD, will tie Jim Kelly (23 in 1992) and Fitzpatrick (23 in 2010) for 9th most in single season in Bills history
–Has thrown 23 TD passes to Stevie Johnson … the Fitzpatrick-Johnson combo is just the 4th in team history with 23+ TDs
–Has thrown TD in 41 of 53 games played as Bill
–Remains 4th on Bills all-time passing yardage list with 11,189 (see list, left) … 3,949 behind #3 Jack Kemp (15,138)
–Has 2,935 passing yds. in 2012 … Needs 65 passing yds. to record 3rd career season with 3,000+ (3,000 in 2010, 3,832 in 2011) … looking to record 16th season of 3,000+ yds. by a Bills QB … 3- season streak of 3,000-yd. seasons would be 2nd in team history (Jim Kelly had 5 straight from 1991-95)
–35th time in career with 20+ comp. … Fitzpatrick’s teams are 7-27-1 in such games, Bills are 6-20 … 26 times as Bill with 20+ comp., 3rd on team’s all-time list, behind Jim Kelly (65) and Joe Ferguson (27)
–60.02% career completion rate with Bills now ranks 4th on Bills’ all-time list, behind 60.93% by Trent Edwards (535-878), 60.48% by Rob Johnson (401-663), and 60.13% by Jim Kelly (2,874-4,780)
–Today became 4th QB in team history with 1000+ completions … remains 4th on Bills all-time completion list with 1,009 (see list, left) … 31 behind #3 Jack Kemp (1,040)
–1,681 career pass att. with Bills remains 4th on club all-time list … 559 behind #3 Jack Kemp (2,240)
–7-of-8 for 95 yds. on 2 TD drives … 3-of-5 for 43 yds. on FG drive
–79.7 rating in Bills career remains 5th on Bills’ all-time list (min. 250 att.), behind 85.5 by Rob Johnson, 84.4 by Jim Kelly, 81.9 by Frank Reich, and 81.7 by Doug Flutie

WR Stevie Johnson
–Scored TD on 20-yd. rec. in 2nd qtr. … 25th TD of career (all via reception), tying Pete Metzelaars and Peerless Price (25 each) for 7th on Bills’ all-time list for receiving TDs
–6th TD of 2012 … Has scored at least 6 TDs in last 3 seasons (10 in 2010, 7 in 2011)
–Johnson has caught 23 TDs from QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, tying the Fitzpatrick-Johnson combo with Joe Ferguson-Frank Lewis for 3rd in Bills history
–Season-high 115 rec. yds. (old high: 106 at Ind., 11/25) … most in game since 116 at S.D., 12/11/11 … 6th 100-yd. game of career, 2nd of season
–14th Bill with 6+ 100-yd. rec. games in career
–Recorded 6+ rec. for 5th time in last 6 games
–Raised season reception total to 69, 3rd consecutive season with 60+ (82 in 2010, 76 in 2011) … 3rd Bills player (4th occasion) with streak of 3+ straight 60-rec. seasons, joining Andre Reed (5 straight in 1998-92 & 3 in a row in 1996-98) and Eric Moulds (8 straight, 1998-2005)
–With next rec., will notch 3rd straight 70+ rec. season, and will join Andre Reed (71 in 1988, 88 in 1989, 71 in 1990, 81 in 1991) as only players in Bills history with 3+ consecutive 70-catch seasons
–6th Bills player (7th occasion) with streak of 3+ straight 50-rec. seasons, joining Bob Chandler (1975-77), Andre Reed (1986-94 and 1996-99), Eric Moulds (1998-2005), Peerless Price (2000-02), and Lee Evans (2006-08)
–Extended rec. streak to career-long 46 games, the 4th longest rec. streak in club history … 21 games from #3 Lee Evans’ 67-game streak (between 10/31/04 vs. Ari. and 11/9/08 at N.E.)
–239 career rec. remains 12th on Bills all-time reception list … 30 rec. behind #11 Frank Lewis (269)
–3,080 career rec. yds. remains 11th on Bills all-time chart … 495 behind #10 Josh Reed (3,575)
–Needs 109 rec. yds. to record 3rd consecutive 1,000-yd. season … last year, Johnson became 1st Bills player to post back-to-back 1,000-yd. campaigns
–5 rec. today resulted in first down … 110 of last 163 catches (67.5%) have resulted in first downs … 45 of 76 rec. in 2011 (59.2%) moved the chains, as have 45 of his 69 rec. (65.2%) so far in 2012
–Is one of 2 Bills (along with Scott Chandler) with rec. in all 14 games this season

TE Scott Chandler
–5 rec. tied season high (also at N.E., 11/11 and vs. St.L. last week) … 5th time a Bills TE had 5+ rec. in back-to-back games; Chandler, who also accomplished feat in 2011 (5 at Mia. 11/20 & 6 at N.Y.J. 11/27), is 1st to have 2 such streaks (others by Ernie Warlick in 1962, Paul Costa in 1967, and Jay Riemersma in 1999)
–58 rec. yds. … along with 71 yds. vs. St.L. last week, posted 7th streak ever by Bills TE of 50+ rec. yd. games, 3rd of career (also in 2011 (71 at Mia. 11/20 & 50 at N.Y.J. 11/27) and 2012 (51 at Hou. 11/4 & 65 at N.E. 11/11)) … 1st Bills TE to have 2 such streaks in one season
–Today established new personal season-high in receptions (38 in 2011)
–Has already established new personal season-high with 546 rec. yds. (389 in 2011)
–546 rec. yds. rank 6th on Bills single-season chart by a TE
–Has rec. in 27 of last 28 games and in last 15 straight … 15-game rec. streak extends career-long (had 12 game streak in games 1-12, 2011)
–4 rec. today resulted in a first down … 35 of 42 rec. in 2012 (83.3%) have moved the chains … 60 of 81 career rec. (74.1%) have given Bills new set of downs
–Is one of 2 Bills (along with Stevie Johnson) with rec. in all 14 games this season

RB C.J. Spiller
–Scored TD on 14-yd. rush in 1st qtr. … TD was 7th of season, 6th via rush … 6 rushing TDs extends new personal season-high (had 4 in 2011)
–7 overall TDs in season are also a new personal season-best (had 6 – 4 rush, 2 rec. – in 2011)
–In NFL career, has 10 rush TDs and 15 overall … 21st player in Bills history with 10+ rushing TDs
–103 rushing yds. today … 5th 100-yd. rushing game of career, 4th of season (had 169 at N.Y.J. 9/9, 123 vs. K.C. 9/16, and 107 at Ind. 11/25) … 10th player in Bills history with 5+ 100-yd. rushing performance; today broke tie with Greg Bell and Jim Braxton (4 each); with next 100-yd. rushing game, will tie Marshawn Lynch (6) for 9th on team chart
–Increased season total to team-leading 1,047, posting the first 1,000-yd. season of career (old personal season high: 561 in 2011) … 12th Bill (28th occasion) with a 1,000-yd. season and first since Fred Jackson (1,062) in 2009
–Reached 1,000-yd. mark on 154th carry of season, giving him 2nd-fewest carries to 1,000 in NFL history (Beattie Feathers, in recording the NFL’s first-ever 1,000-yd. season for 1934 Chicago Bears, did it on 119th carry)
–Has averaged club-record 5.52 yds. per rushing attempt in career (342-1,891) (min. 200 att.) … 2nd highest average was posted by O.J. Simpson (4.80 – 2,123-10,183), with #3 position held by current Bill Fred Jackson (4.54 – 932-4,231)
–Averaging 6.50 yds. per attempt in 2012 (161-1,047), a new club single-season record … previous mark was held by O.J. Simpson in 1973 (6.03 – 332-2,003)
–6.50 avg. through 14 games is 2nd highest in NFL since 1960 among players with at least 140 att. through 14 games … only Chicago QB Bobby Douglass in 1972 (6.87, 141-968) also had an avg. of 6.50 or better … no player in NFL history has ever finished a season with 160+ att. & and average of 6.50+
–3 rec. today … Has rec. in 37 of 44 games in NFL career
–Became 41st player in team history (13th RB) with 100 rec.
–101 scrimmage yds. today (103 rush, -2 rec.) … Has topped 100+ scrimmage yds. in 7 of last 9 games
–Now has 13 games in career with 100+ scrimmage yds. and 9 this season … This is 9th time a Bill has had 9+ games with 100+ scrimmage yds. in one year … last Bill with 9+ in season: Travis Henry (9) in 2002
–1,399 scrimmage yds. in 2012 are most by a Bill since Fred Jackson had 1,433 (1,062 rush, 371 rec.) in 2009 … needs 101 yds. to post first 1,500-yd. season by a Bill since Travis Henry had 1,514 (1,356 rush, 158 rec.) in 2003
–Bills have a player topping 1,300 scrimmage yds. in a season for 2nd straight year (Fred Jackson – 1,376 in 2011) … the last time the franchise had any player(s) with back-to-back 1,300 scrimmage yd. seasons was in 2002-03 (Travis Henry, 1,747 & 1,514)

K Rian Lindell
–Has scored in 120 of last 122 contests and in a career-long 54 straight … current streak is now tied as the 3rd longest in Bills history with Steve Christie’s 54-game streak
–Has made 30 of last 32 FG attempts and last 15 straight … streak is 3rd longest in club history  and is his 5th of 10+ with Bills; Lindell now owns 5 of 12 longest streaks in club history, including club record 18 straight in 2007
–224 FGs in Bills career remains 2nd on club all-time (see list, left) … needs 10 to tie club record-holder Steve Christie (234)
–224-267 (83.89%) on FGs in Bills career, best rate on club all-time (min. 50 att.; 2nd: Steve Christie – 78.26%)
–Has converted 20 of 21 FG att. in 2012 … 95.24% is highest in single season in club history (min. 16 FG … Lindell now owns 6 of top 8 single-season conversion rates in team annals
–282 FGs in NFL career now tied for 27th on NFL all-time list with Jim Bakken and Fred Cox (282 each) … 13 behind #26 Jay Feely (295, incl. 1 today for Ari. vs. Det.)
–Remains 2nd on Bills career scoring list with 972 pts., 39 behind club-record 1,011 by Steve Christie … Bills are one of 10 NFL teams to have more than one player with 900+ pts., along with Chicago (Kevin Butler, Robbie Gould), Cleveland (Lou Groza, Phil Dawson and Don Cockroft), Detroit (Jason Hanson, Eddie Murray), Kansas City (Nick Lowery, Jan Stenerud), New England (Adam Vinatieri, Gino Cappelletti), Pittsburgh (Gary Anderson, Jeff Reed), San Diego (John Carney, LaDainian Tomlinson), San Francisco (Jerry Rice, Ray Wersching), and Tennessee (Al Del Greco, Rob Bironas)
–Lindell is one of only 6 active players with 900+ points with his current team, joining Detroit’s Jason Hanson (2,134, incl. 4 today at Ari.), Oakland’s Sebastian Janikowski (1,380, incl. 15 today vs. K.C.), Cleveland’s Phil Dawson (1,261, incl. 3 today vs. Was.), Tennessee’s Rob Bironas (905, playing Mon. night vs. N.Y.J.), and Chicago’s Robbie Gould (902, on injured reserve)
–1,242 pts. in NFL career remains 32nd on league’s all-time list … 4 behind #31 Jim Breech (1,246) and 14 behind #30 Jerry Rice (1,256)
–Needs 6 pts. to record 7th 100-pt. season of career & 6th with Bills (with Sea.: 107 in 2002; with Buf.: 117 in ’04, 113 in ‘05, 102 in ’06, 124 in ’08, 108 in ‘09) … looking to post 23rd occasion of a Bills player scoring 100+ … Lindell is already one of 4 Bills with multiple 100-pt. seasons and is only 2nd with 5+, joining Steve Christie (8)
–2-2 on PAT today … has made 300 of 301 att. as Bill; rate of 99.67% remains best in club history (2nd: Steve Christie, 98.72%, 309-313) … 300 PATs with Bills remain 2nd on club list, 9 away from record-holder Steve Christie (309)
–Has made 75 straight PATs, the 4th longest streak in team history (see list, left) … Lindell owns club record with streak of 225 between game 1, 2003 & game 8, 2010
–Played in 150th game for Bills, becoming 21st player in Bills history with 150+ … next week at Mia., could tie #20 Charles Romes (151) on club’s all-time regular season participation chart
–Extended club record for games played by a kicker with 150 (2nd: Steve Christie, 144) … only active kickers with more games played with their current team are Jason Hanson (324 with Det., incl. today at Ari.), Phil Dawson (213 with Cle., incl. today vs. Was.), and Sebastian Janikowski (203 with Oak., incl. today vs. K.C.)

P Shawn Powell
–56 punts in 2012 are 4th most by Bills rookie in season (today broke tie with Daryle Lamonica-52 in 1963) … trails only John Kidd (88 in 1984), Brian Moorman (80 in 2001), and Greg Cater (73 in 1980)
–44.52 avg. in 2012 ranks 5th for single season in club history (min. 40 punts)
–48.50 avg. today is 5th best ever by a Bills rookie and is Powell’s 2nd highest (49.40 – 5-247 – at Hou. 11/4)
–1 punt today gave Seahawks possession inside their own 20-yard line … has had at least one “in-the-20” in 9 of 11 games in NFL career … 21 of 56 punts (37.5%) have given opponent the ball inside the 20
–First punt, covering 60 yds., was longest of day … 60+ yd. kick for 2nd time in last 3 games (also had 61- yarder vs. Jax. 12/2)
–Has had 50+ punt in 10 of 11 games of NFL career and in 7 straight … 14th time in club history that a punter has had a streak of 7+ games with 50-yd. punt; longest such streak since Brian Moorman’s club-record 17- game streak between game 16, 2010 and game 16, 2011


RB CJ Spiller registered his first 1,000-yard rushing season on Sunday completing the feat on 154 carries – the second fewest number of carries in NFL history to reach the 1,000-yard mark.  In 1934, Chicago Bears running back Beattie Feathers reached the 1,000-yard mark in 119 carries. Spiller also established a personal single-season high with seven touchdowns on the season (six in 2011).
WR Stevie Johnson now has 25 touchdowns in his NFL career tying Pete Metzelaars and Peerless Price for seventh on the team’s receiving touchdown chart. With 109 receiving yards, WR Stevie Johnson has produced his second 100-yard receiving game of the season and sixth of his career.  He is the 14th Bill to produce at least six 100-yard receiving games.
LB Kelvin Sheppard recorded his second sack of the season when he sacked Seahawks QB Russell Wilson on the first play of the game on Sunday.


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