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Fitz & Stevie on deep passing misfires

Posted by Chris Brown on December 17, 2012 – 5:09 pm

Buffalo had a few opportunities deep downfield in the passing game. Stevie Johnson had a step on his defender, C.J. Spiller did as well and so did T.J. Graham, but none of their deep shots were completed. They could’ve changed the complexion of the game. Johnson and Ryan Fitzpatrick tried to make heads or tails as to why they’re having trouble connecting.

“We had a couple that were close in the last game, and for whatever reason, they don’t seem to be happening,” said Fitzpatrick. “We’ve just got to continue to take the shots down the field and make some plays, whether it’s the catch that Stevie made on the seam route that he ran was unbelievable. But whether it’s a guy making an unbelievable play, or me just putting it right on the money, there’s some stuff that we’ve got to do better. The one we hit to TJ down the middle of the field we’ve been very successful recently in practice with all that stuff, and we just need to carry it over into the game.”

Johnson had only one answer to get it right and hit on some of those big pass play opportunities.

“Just keep working. I can’t even answer. I don’t even know why,” he said. “We’re doing the same thing that other teams are doing in the league. We’re getting behind corners and the ball is out there. We can’t blame our speed now. We’re there. We’ve just got to keep working at it.”  

Entering Sunday’s game Buffalo ranked 30th in the league in passer rating on passes that traveled more than 20 yards through the air with a rating of 40.3.

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