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Players on Stevie non-TD

Posted by Chris Brown on December 23, 2012 – 9:00 pm

There were a lot of opinions after the game on Stevie Johnson’s non-touchdown call. We’ve already outlined the referee’s stance on the play. Here’s what the players thought.

“We thought it was (a touchdown),” said Spiller, who was on the sideline since he had just made a 62-yard run. “But the ref made the call that he made and we had to come back and try to get it again. It definitely worked in their favor. We definitely thought he scored on that one.”

“I have no idea,” said Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was far from the end of the play. “I threw it and I thought he grabbed it took a couple of steps and as he went down it popped out. That’s all I saw. They obviously ruled it an incompletion.”

“I caught the pass, put it over the pylon, and then hit the ground,” said Johnson. “I didn’t come up with it.  And like last year or the year before, with Calvin Johnson, I understand it, it’s an incomplete pass.  But my frustration was with the play before that, where I had the ball, and then it came out before I even took a second step, and they called that a fumble.”

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