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Fan Friday 12-28

Posted by Chris Brown on December 28, 2012 – 3:28 pm

Well Bills fans, it wasn’t the season we all were hoping for, but let’s hope for bigger and better in 2013. Know that’s not what you want to hear, but from where I sit that’s the best I can do for you. Remember Fan Friday runs year round, so keep those questions coming this offseason and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Hey Chris,
Here’s my question of the week. We have a very large investment in a player at the WR position being Marcus Easley. He came to us via the draft & there was very high expectations on him from the time he was drafted. Illness put his career on hold for the last few years, now he has been deemed healthy. The guy has been in meetings learning the offense.

So by now he should know the offense really well. The Bills have invested all this time in him why won’t they give him much if any playing time?

I have heard that they were concerned about how many ft it takes for him to get to full speed & that he was working on that. I know that you have seen guys that play faster than their times show. Is Easley’s game so far off that he can’t unseat someone like R. Martin or even B. Smith, he hasn’t really showed a lot for the paycheck? Easley can run kick returns, is much younger than Martin, put that with the fact of the investment I don’t see why the guy has been in the recent past inactive & then when he is active he’s not on the field with the offense to prove his usefulness.

Thanks for your insight on all of my questions as always !
Mr. T from Fort Myers Via Nashville

CB: All I can tell you is it seems that Easley’s inability to get quick separation in his routes hurts him in this offense. The offense is a quick passing game so early separation is key. Easley has good speed, but it’s build-up speed, not explosive off the line speed.

That being said I understand your position, that the team made an investment in him as a draft choice, but has lined up other receivers before him on offense. What I gave you is really all I have to go on.


2 – Chris, 
  Hi my name is John I’ve been a bills fan for the longest time. I wanted to know if the bills plan on drafting a quarterback do you have any idea towards who they will consider drafting? Also I think we need a tall receiver that can jump up for those deep balls. What do you think of them drafting a qb and wr combo
like cincy did two years ago? Thank you again.

CB: I have no idea who they would consider drafting at the quarterback position. I will say that GM Buddy Nix specifically referenced what the drafting of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green did for the Bengals, who have now qualified for the playoffs in back-to-back seasons. Here’s his comment from an interview on the radio. 

“Wide receiver is certainly on our radar,” said Nix. “Last night I’m watching Cincinnati and there’s Marvin Lewis and he’s been there 10 years. I don’t remember their record the first six or seven years then they take A.J. Green and Andy Dalton and that duo has really turned them around and made them a playoff contender. I think you’ve got to have a guy that’s like Andre Reed was when he was here and Jim Kelly and Andre Reed and Thurman produced a lot. You need those three guys and we’re aware of that and we’re certainly looking at wide receiver.”


3 – Hey Chris,

I just wanted to ask a question about our QB situation. Kirk Cousins performed admirably in the Ravens comeback game for the Redskins, and then followed up with a very impressive performance in his first game as a starter. My question for you is: Is there any way the Bills trade a 2nd rounder for Kirk Cousins? I’m not one to jump on the backup QB bandwagons (Kolb, Flynn, etc.), but Cousins just seems like a guy who can be great one day. I know he was a fifth rounder, so it seems silly to trade a 2nd rounder the next year for him, but with our need at linebacker, Wide Receiver, and possibly safety opposite Byrd, do you see this as a possibility for the Buffalo Bills this offseason, while addressing the previous needs in the first round instead?

Thanks for all your work.
Derek, Williamsville

CB: I do know the Bills liked Cousins going into last year’s draft and if memory serves he did make a pre-draft visit. It was recently reported that Washington would be open to entertaining trade offers for Cousins. What the cost would be remains to be seen and I’m not sure that just a single second-round pick would get it done.

I will say this. I think the Bills being interested in acquiring Cousins, could, and I stress could, materialize if the scouting department deems him far and away better than any quarterback prospect in the draft.



4 – Hey Chris,

Also, you definitely see Fred Jackson returning with the Bills next year right?  I know he signed a contract extension last year or maybe it was earlier this year.  I just remember hearing rumors that he wouldn’t be back next year due to injury and what not.  However, no one can deny his leadership and mentoring to Spiller.  Thanks for all you do!  You make many Bills fans happy and keep them sane with your daily updates.  I know because I’m one of them!

Tim West (Displaced Bills fan in Maryland)

CB: I’m pretty confident Fred Jackson will be in the fold next year. The guy is one of the unquestioned leaders in the locker room. I think he also was the victim of never being fully healthy this season and it led to the lowest yards per carry average for a season in his career (3.8). His legs are young for a 31-year old back.

A fully healthy Fred Jackson is still a valuable back and I expect him to recapture his game breaking ability in 2013.


5 – Chris,
I saw that new scoreboards were part of the new lease agreement. Being that the new board was just installed a few years ago, is it safe to say that this means a long awaited second board will be installed in the tunnel end zone? If so, any idea of the specs or where exactly it will be put? Thanks for all you do to cover the team.


CB: Yes, it would be the tunnel end zone for the second video board. I don’t have any details on the size of the board or its exact location, but from what I understand it wouldn’t be installed until about the end of 2014. Appreciate the kind words.


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