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Players maintain they’re a better team

Posted by Chris Brown on December 30, 2012 – 6:57 pm

They know they don’t have the wins to prove it, but the men in Buffalo’s locker room believe they are a better club than they’ve been the past two seasons.

“It’s really hard to sit here and tell you guys that we got better, and that we need to keep the same guys because we can make a playoff push with this team,” said Eric Wood. “It’s tough to say that from a record standpoint. If you turn on the film, we won two more games than 2010, but if you turn on the film, it should look a lot different. It’s tough to analyze from a win standpoint, because we’re out of the playoffs, and whenever you’re out of the playoffs, it doesn’t really matter what your record is. It’s a disappointing season from that standpoint.” 

“We can play well, we can put good games together,” said Kyle Williams. “We can do things on offense—we can do things on defense. It’s frustrating to look back on it and know that there were games there.  There are a lot of games that we were close in, and there were two in particular that we lost on the last play. It is frustrating. It’s a disappointment. All I know is to get as healthy and I can and prepare and look to next year, and have the best season I’ve ever had. That’s all I can prepare for.”

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