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BDC 12/31: Bills vs. Jets Recap

Posted by Bills Daily Charge on December 31, 2012 – 11:58 am


–The Buffalo Bills ended their 2012 campaign with a 28-9 win over the New York Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium. WR Stevie Johnson further etched his name into the Bills’ record books by grabbing six passes for 111 yards on the day to become the first Bills receiver to tally three consecutive 1,000 yards seasons. With RB C.J. Spiller having already achieved 1,000 yards on the ground, Johnson and Spiller became the 10th duo in Bills history to notch 1,000 yard receiving and rushing seasons. Spiller showed off his breakaway speed in the second quarter when he took a screen pass from QB Ryan Fitzpatrick 66 yards for a score. The play marked Spiller’s longest play from scrimmage in his career and the 24th touchdown pass of Fitzpatrick’s season, tying a career high. The Bills won the turnover battle, only conceding the ball once while forcing two turnovers including a LB Bryan Scott interception in the first quarter that he raced back 20 yards into the end zone. The pick-six marked the Bills first defensive touchdown of the season and Scott’s fourth interception of the season. DT Spencer Johnson was responsible for forcing the Jets’ other turnover by tallying a strip-sack in the third quarter. DT Marcell Dareus was credited with a blocked field goal in the third quarter when he got his hand on a 30-yard field goal attempt from Jets’ K Nick Folk. The block marked the fifth blocked field goal or extra point for the Bills in 2012. Heading into the fourth quarter the Bills held a narrow 14-9 lead, but the game was put on ice as both QB/WR Brad Smith and RB Tashard Choice tallied fourth quarter scores via the ground. Fitzpatrick finished the day 12-of-26 for 225 yards and a touchdown, including a completion to rookie WR T.J. Graham who set a franchise record as the first Bills rookie wide out to tally a reception in 15 consecutive games.



Head Coach Chan Gailey
Opening statement:
I thought that was an overall team win. Everybody contributed from the blocked field goal to the defense scoring and to the offense controlling the ball in the fourth quarter and scoring touchdowns. It was a team win. There were some critical plays in the game that we made. We had not been making some of those critical plays in the game and we made them this game. It was a good overall team victory.

Q: What are the examples of those critical plays?
A: The run by Brad Smith on third down, the catch by Stevie (Johnson) on third down with maximum protection.  The touchdown run down there when we had them confused somewhat. Hit it right up the middle with Brad. Some things like that which were big plays in the game.

Q: Your team looked like it wanted to be out there and the other team did not.
A: You talk all week about professionalism, professional pride and professional duty. We talked about that and our guys went out there to uphold what professional means. I think that is the way they went out there to approach the game.

Q: Have you had any opportunity to talk to Mr. Wilson yet about your future?
A: Let’s talk about today and let’s talk about tomorrow or next week at a later date.

Q: Can you talk about the way you played and how WR Stevie Johnson said he felt they might be helping your situation?
A: I want them and I think I said this a couple of weeks ago, I want them to play for the fans and for themselves. We are all business. We understand that. The business today was to go win the game. That is what they did.

Q: How are you able to block everything out?
A: It is easy. You get excited about winning a ball game. That is what you try to do. That is what you work all week for, that is what you practice for and that is what you meet for—to win the game. You accomplish the goal to this point today. You do not think about all of the other stuff.

Q: Was your speech to the team afterwards any different?
A: No, it was just one of those talks where there was not a lot of jubilation. Everybody knew that we had won the ball game and they were happy, but it was not excited. I talked to them. Tomorrow is different. Other than that, it is about the same.

Q: How does DT Alex Carrington get his hands on so many balls?
A: (Carrington) has a great knack for that. He has an unbelievable knack for being able to turn his shoulders, turn his body, get through the creases, feel the softness of the protection and be able to get his hand up. He has a great timing for that too. It is amazing how many he gets his hands on. It really is.

Q: Was there any thought put towards getting Stevie to 1,000 yards?
A: No. I was not thinking about that. I think if we had gotten to the fourth quarter and he had needed five yards, we would have probably tried to do something to get that done. I cannot say I am totally oblivious to that stuff, but the first priority is to win the game.

Q: Can you just speak to the West Webster tragedy, the helmet decals and the moment of silence that was paid to the victims?
A: I do not know exactly what happened. I do not know the whole story. I get the gist of it and those kinds of things are happening it seems like way too often in society today. My heart goes out to the families and to all people associated with the organization. That is tough on everybody.

Q: RB C.J. Spiller had a tough time running today. Why was that?
A: Yeah. They are pretty good. They stacked it up in there, but we kept trying it to him because he popped one early and we got it called back. You just keep handing it to him thinking ‘OK, one of these times he is going to get one that pops out of there.’ It put us behind the sticks a couple of times, but we made some third downs. Got us out of trouble and kept drives going.

Q: You guys got hammered in the first half but shut down their rushing game in the second.
A: Yeah. I thought they came out and controlled the ball the first part. It took us a while to adjust and get back into it. The thing about it is we played good enough to keep them from scoring touchdowns. When you play good enough to do that, I thought one of the biggest series of the game was the start of the second half when we fumble and our defense holds them. They get nothing out of it. That kind of set the tone for the second half in my opinion.

Q: Do you find yourself wondering where was this earlier in the year?
A: No. You can ‘what if’ yourself to death. You can. Everybody in this room can ‘what if’ themselves to death. You do not do that. You get excited about what you do have. You do not complain about what you do not have.

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
Q: I am sure you liked winning the game, but it cannot make up for the whole season for you.
A: Yeah, but what we could control today is going out there and playing hard. Playing for each other because this is the last time this team is going to be together with all of the guys. These situations, they are kind of pride games like we talked about all week. They show what kind of man you are and what kind of character you have. I thought it really showed out there on the field what kind of character there is in our locker room.

Q: Did it feel like you were playing for jobs today?
A: I think we just viewed it as…it was another game, but it is the end of the year. There was so much disappointment so to go out there and just all of the uncertainty to follow this game—you just want to put all of your focus into this game and go play.

Q: Give us the best argument for keeping HC Chan Gailey as the head coach of this team.
A: I will talk about any of those questions tomorrow. I think this press conference will be about this game and then I will be happy to answer those tomorrow.

Q: Did it look like they were loading up to stop RB C.J. Spiller, but you still managed to sneak him out on some screens?
A: Yeah. Our screen game really was not there today besides the one, all you need sometimes is one, we got C.J. (Spiller) in space on a third down and he had the 66 yard touchdown. They did a good job throughout the rest of the game just having us throw away a couple of screens, boots and things. That is the kind of defense they are. They are aggressive. Third down, they are tough. Coming into this game we knew their conversion rate. They were very successful on third down and that was some stuff we tried to emphasize. They are going to get you on some stuff. We just tried to not make a big mistake.

Q: Talk about getting WR Stevie Johnson 1,000 receiving yards again.
A: Yeah, that was big. We want to go in and win the game. I was very conscious of that going into the game though in terms of Stevie (Johnson) and the 65 yards. He has just been a guy that has been great for me just in terms of coming up to make big plays. The catch he made down the sideline I thought was pretty unbelievable. It got that drive going. He really stepped up big for us today.

Q: It looked like your team wanted to be there more than them. Did you see that?
A: Well this is the type of game that it is hard when you fall behind in a game that does not have playoffs on the line or whatever it is. It is very hard I guess to play with the same intensity. That was our focus going into the game. Just making sure that we got a lead and got up. Really, we wanted to start fast in the first quarter and I thought our defense played well. We did not have many possessions in the first half. We knew if we were going to be able to get the lead and start to get on a little bit of a roll that we would be in good shape.

Q: How would you compare today’s effort to past games?
A: It is always easy for the effort to be there when you are winning. It is always easy for the effort to be there when you are making plays and scoring touchdowns or getting turnovers. I think for us, the guys on this team the effort is always there. Sometimes just falling behind, it is not as fun when you are losing like we have earlier in the year.

Q: Can you just speak to the decal on your helmets and moment of silence for the West Webster tragedy?
A: It was such an unfortunate incident. That was just our way of honoring them. Showing them that our hearts are with them and certainly the families that had to deal with that great tragedy.   

WR Stevie Johnson
Q: On surpassing the 1,000 yard mark:
A: When we started the season off, we wanted to get to the playoffs and have a playoff  berth. It didn’t end up that way, so it’s pretty weak as far as that goes. Winning our last game and going out with a win against the New York Jets is even better.

Q: Do you ask yourself why couldn’t you play a complete game more often?
A: Yes, definitely. It just took some time. When we were clicking on offense, it’s like the defense was trying to catch up. Later on in the season when the defense started clicking, we were trying to catch up with them. Today was one of those times where we just meshed with each other as far as offense, defense and special teams. I guess it just takes time. Hopefully everything will come back next year and we end up how we did this last game.

Q: Did you guys make halftime adjustments on offense?
A: It was just time, we probably only had four offensive series in that first half. You know how that goes. On the first drive, you have to get it going. We came back on offense in the second half and we settled down and got back to our game plan.

Q: Now that’s it over, is this the most disappointing season out of the last three years?
A: I guess I say it’s all the same, because we didn’t make the playoffs and we didn’t go to the Super Bowl. I don’t understand why one is worse than the other. I guess we have to continue to work. We have to have bigger goals. When we started the season, we can’t be going into games saying, “maybe this will be the one”. We have to be “this will be the one” mindset. A lot of the guys learned that including myself, but it was a little too late.

Q: What do you think are the pluses and misuses of a new change?
A: There is going to be change and we know that. There is no team that is going to stay the same in the entire NFL. So we know there is going to be change but hopefully, I think we will have the same staff here. Like I said, it was a matter of getting the defense on the same level. It took time, and it was too late so I think it was a learning season. It took a while to get comfortable with each other and we are comfortable now. Hopefully we will have the same staff.


QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
–With TD pass today (66 yds. to C.J. Spiller in 2nd qtr.), raised TD total as Bill to 80 … remains 3rd on club all-time chart

–Also raised season TD total to 24, tying for 5th most in single season in Bills history and matching personal season-high (24 in 2011) … 3rd season of career with 20+ TD (23 in 2010, 24 in 2011)

–Has thrown TD in 43 of 55 games played as Bill

–66-yd. TD strike was longest since 68-yd. TD connection with Donald Jones, 9/30/12 vs. N.E. … along with 41-yd. pass to T.J. Graham last week at Mia., has 40+ yd. completion in back-to-back games for 2nd time this season (63-yd. pass to Stevie Johnson at Ind. 11/25; 51-yd. comp. to Graham vs. Jax. 12/2)

–Finished with 3,400 passing yds. in 2012, 8th on Bills single-season passing yardage chart … 16th season of 3,000+ yds. by a Bills QB … 3-season streak of 3,000-yd. seasons is 2nd in team history (Jim Kelly had 5 straight from 1991-95)

–Remains 4th on Bills all-time passing yardage list with 11,654 … 3,484 behind #3 Jack Kemp (15,138)

–59.76% career completion rate with Bills remains 4th on Bills’ all-time list, behind 60.93% by Trent Edwards (535-878), 60.48% by Rob Johnson (401-663), and 60.13% by Jim Kelly (2,874-4,780)

–Now ranks 3rd on Bills all-time completion list with 1,041  … today surpassed Jack Kemp (1,040) … 1,147 behind #2 Joe Ferguson (2,188)

–1,742 career pass att. with Bills remains 4th on club all-time list … 498 behind #3 Jack Kemp (2,240)

–505 att. in 2012 … 4th time a Bills QB had 500+ att. in one season (Drew Bledsoe – 610 in 2002; Fitzpatrick – 569 in 2011; Joe Ferguson – 508 in 1983)

–6-of-8 for 135 yds. on 3 TD drives

–Had 89.4 passer rating today … 33rd time in career with rating of 80+ (min. 20 att.), 28th time with Bills … Fitzpatrick’s teams are 18-14-1 with 80+ rating; Bills are 15-13

–79.8 rating in Bills career remains 5th on Bills’ all-time list (min. 250 att.), behind 85.5 by Rob Johnson, 84.4 by Jim Kelly, 81.9 by Frank Reich, and 81.7 by Doug Flutie

–24-43-1 record as NFL starter (20-33 with Bills)

WR Stevie Johnson
–With 37- yd. rec. in 4th qtr., topped 1,000-yd. mark for club-record 3rd straight season (1,073 in 2010; 1,004 in

2011) … last year, Johnson became 1st Bills player to post back-to-back 1,000-yd. campaigns

–111 rec. yds. … 7th 100-yd. game of career, 3rd of season (106 at Ind. 11/25; 115 vs. Sea. 12/16) … 13th Bill with 7+ 100-yd. rec. games in career

–Raised season reception total to 79, 3rd consecutive season with 70+ (82 in 2010, 76 in 2011) … Johnson and Andre Reed (71 in 1988, 88 in 1989, 71 in 1990, 81 in 1991) are only players in Bills history with 3+ consecutive 70-catch seasons

–3rd Bills player (4th occasion) with streak of 3+ straight 60-rec. seasons, joining Andre Reed (5 straight in 1998-92 & 3 in a row in 1996-98) and Eric Moulds (8 straight, 1998-2005)

–6th Bills player (7th occasion) with streak of 3+ straight 50-rec. seasons, joining Bob Chandler (1975-77), Andre Reed (1986-94 and 1996-99), Eric Moulds (1998-2005), Peerless Price (2000-02), and Lee Evans (2006- 08)

–Extended rec. streak to career-long 48 games, the 4th longest rec. streak in club history … 19 games from #3 Lee Evans’ 67-game streak (between 10/31/04 vs. Ari. and 11/9/08 at N.E.)

–249 career rec. remains 12th on Bills all-time reception list … 20 rec. behind #11 Frank Lewis (269)

–3,235 career rec. yds. remains 11th on Bills all-time chart … 340 behind #10 Josh Reed (3,575)

–5 rec. today resulted in first downs … 117 of last 173 catches (67.6%) have resulted in first downs … 52 of 79 rec. in 2012 (65.8%) moved the chains, as did 45 of 76 rec. in 2011 (59.2%)

–Was only Bill with rec. in all 16 games this season

LB Bryan Scott
–Scored TD on 20-yd. INT return in 1st qtr. … 2nd career INT TD (other was 43-yarder at Cin., 10/2/11) … 14th player in Bills history with 2+ INT return TDs

–3rd TD of career (also scored on fumble recovery in end zone at S.D., 12/11/11)

–INT TD was 83rd in club history and first since Jairus Byrd’s 37-yd. return vs. Den., 12/24/11 … Bills are 55-19-4 when scoring via INT (3-1 with 2 INT TDs, 1-0 with 3)

–INT was 11th of career (7th with Bills) and 4th of season

–4 INTs in season extend new personal season high (had 2 as rookie with Atl. in 2003 and with Bills in 2011)

–9th time a Bills LB has 4+ INTs in season, first since Takeo Spikes had 5 in 2004 … along with 3 INTs by Nick Barnett in 2011, this is first time the Bills have had LBs with 3+ INTs in back-to-back seasons since 1972-73 (Ken Lee, 6 in ‘72; Jim Cheyunski, 3 in ’73)

–Scott’s teams are 8-3 (Bills are 5-2) when he records INT

RB C.J. Spiller
–Scored TD on 66-yd. rec. in 2nd qtr. … TD was 8th of season, 2nd via reception

–8 overall TDs in season also extends new personal season-best (had 6 – 4 rush, 2 rec. – in 2011)

–In NFL career, has 5 rec. TDs and 16 overall

–66-yd. rec. was new career-long (old: 41, vs. N.E., 12/26/10) and longest by a Bill since Donald Jones had 68-yd. TD catch vs. N.E., 9/30/12

–24 rush att. today are new career-high (had 22 vs. Mia. 11/15/12 & at Mia. last week)

–Increased season rushing yardage total to team-leading 1,243, the first 1,000-yd. season of career (old personal season high: 561 in 2011) … 12th Bill (28th occasion) with a 1,000-yd. season and first since Fred Jackson (1,062) in 2009 … most rush yds. by Bill in a season since Willis McGahee had 1,247 in 2005

–Has averaged club-record 5.38 yds. per rushing attempt in career (388-2,088) (min. 200 att.) … 2nd highest average was posted by O.J. Simpson (4.80 – 2,123-10,183), with #3 position held by current Bill Fred Jackson (4.54 – 932-4,231)

–Averaged 6.00 yds. per attempt in 2012 (207-1,243), the 2nd highest average in team history, behind O.J. Simpson’s 6.03 in 1973 (332-2,003)

–7th NFL player in NFL history with average of 6.0 or better with at least 200 att., joining Cleveland RB Jim Brown in 1963 (6.40, 291-1,863 in 14-game season), Kansas City RB Jamaal Charles in 2010 (6.38, 230-1,467), New York Yankees’ RB Spec Sanders in 1947 (6.20, 231-1,432), Detroit RB Barry Sanders in 1997 (6.13, 335-2,053), Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson in 2012 (6.04, 314-1,898, not incl. today’s 4:25 game vs. G.B.), and Bills RB O.J. Simpson in 1973 (6.03, 332-2,003 in 14-game season)

–Remains 15th in club history with 2,088 career rushing yds. … Needs 83 to tie #14 Curtis Brown (2,171)

–2 rec. today … Has rec. in 39 of 46 games in NFL career … 11-game rec. streak ties longest of career (also: between game 10, 2011 & game 4, 2012)

–131 scrimmage yds. today (59 rush, 72 rec.) … Has topped 100+ scrimmage yds. in 9 of last 11* games

–Now has 15 games in career with 100+ scrimmage yds. and 11 this season … 5th time a Bill has had 11+ games in one season with 100+scrimmage yds., along with O.J. Simpson (11 in 1973 and 12 in 1975) and Thurman Thomas (11 in 1991 and club-record 13 in 1992)

–1,703 scrimmage yds. in 2012 rank 9th for single season in team history (see list, left) and are most by a Bill since Travis Henry had 1,747 (1,438 rush, 309 rec.) in 2002 … Bills have had a player with 1,300 scrimmage yds. in back-to-back seasons (Fred Jackson – 1,376 in 2011) for first time since 2002-03 (Travis Henry, 1,747 & 1,514)

DT Marcell Dareus
–Blocked field goal on Jets’ first drive of 2nd half … 1st blocked FG of career, 4th by Bills this season (others, all by Alex Carrington, occurred 10/14 at Ari., 11/4 at Hou., and last week at Mia.) … Carrington also blocked PAT vs. Sea. 12/16

–2nd straight season Bills as team have recorded blocked FG in back-to-back games (in 2011, did it at N.Y.G. 10/16 & vs. Was. 10/30)

–1st time Bills have had 5 blocked kicks in season since 1996 (5 FGs, 1 punt)

P Shawn Powell
–65 punts in 2012 are 4th most by Bills rookie in season, trailing only John Kidd (88 in 1984), Brian Moorman (80 in 2001), and Greg Cater (73 in 1980)

–44.00 avg. in 2012 is new club rookie record (old mark: 42.00 – 88-3,696 – by John Kidd in 1984) and ranks 8th in single season in club history (min. 40 punts; see list, left)

–2 of his punts Sunday gave Jets possession inside their own 20-yard line … has had at least one “in-the-20” in 10 of 13 games in NFL career … 23 of 65 punts (35.4%) have given opponent the ball inside the 20

–23 punts inside the 20 this season tied as 9th most by Bills punter in single year (also: Paul Maguire in 1964 (unofficial), Chris Mohr in 1995, and Brian Moorman in 2008) …

–Longest punt Sunday covered 51 yds. … had 50+ punt in 12 of 13 games of NFL career and in 9 straight … 3rd Bills punter (7th occasion) to have streak of 9+ games with 50-yd. punt, joining Brian Moorman (5) and Marv Bateman (1) … 9-game streak with 50-yd. punt is longest by Bill since Moorman’s club-record 17-game streak between game 16, 2010 and game 16, 2011

WR T.J. Graham
–1 reception Sunday raised season total to 31, most by a Bills rookie since David Nelson had 31 in 2010

–Extended first career rec. streak to 15 games, a new Bills rookie record, breaking 14-game streaks by RB Bobby Burnett in 1966 (entire season) and RB Joe Cribbs in 1980 (games 3-16)

LB Nick Barnett
–11 total tackles … 3rd time this season with 10+ (had 15 vs. N.E., 9/30 and 10 vs. St.L. 12/9)

–36th time in NFL career with 10+ tackles …

–Has posted 10+ at least three times in 7 different seasons (4 in 2003, 6 in 2004 & 2005, 3 in 2006, 5 in 2007, 6 in 2011, 3 in 2012)

The Buffalo Bills wore a ‘WWFD’ (West Webster Fire Department) decal on their helmets in yesterday’s game in honor of the two fallen West Webster, NY firefighters who lost their lives on December 24th, as well those who were injured in the line of duty.
LB Bryan Scott’s interception-touchdown was the first by a Bill in 2012. The play marked Scott’s 11th career interception, fourth interception on the season and third career touchdown.
With 111 receiving yards in yesterday’s game, WR Stevie Johnson became the first player in team history to record three straight 1,000-yard campaigns.

With 59 rushing yards on the day, RB CJ Spiller became the first Bills running back to rush for 1,200 yards since Willis McGahee in 2005.


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