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A closer look at the analytics

Posted by Chris Brown on January 1, 2013 – 3:21 pm

Bills new President and CEO Russ Brandon made mention of establishing a layer of analytics to the organization that will analyze the club from top to bottom. But there’s a player evaluation element to it that will likely assist in completing the assessment of a player on the roster or prospective player.

“Yeah, we want to make sure we look at everything relative to our operation and make sure we’re making good and smart decisions,” Brandon told “And that really focuses on player evaluation and it focuses mainly on cap management. Scouting is still the lifeblood of our organization and it always will be as long as I’m here. It’s just other opportunities that present themselves. You see it throughout baseball; you see it in the NBA. It’s just another resource and a tool that should be in your war chest as you move forward.”

Managing the salary cap as it pertains to players likely means that the analytics will provide an additional layer in assessing what a player’s true worth is to the team based on advanced metrics of on field performance.

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