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Horton says he’ll interview with Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on January 2, 2013 – 4:12 pm

Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton, who is still under contract, is a serious consideration for the head coaching post of the club and completed his second interview with his current employer today. He also interviewed with Cleveland executives on Tuesday. He just spoke to the media out in Arizona about his coaching prospects. Here are some of the highlights, courtesy of the Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers, including Horton’s admission that he’s meeting with the Bills later today.

When asked if he had an idea as to when the Cardinals would decide who their next head coach would be, this was Horton’s answer.

“Michael (Bidwill) going to do his due diligence and talk to whoever he does,” said Horton. “It’s a process. When I met with Cleveland, they have a process and after I meet with Buffalo today I’m sure they will have a process and they want to talk and evaluate. I’m sure when each team feels it’s the right time they’ll pull the trigger. I’m not in a hurry.”

Q. What’s your schedule?

A. “I’ve got an interview with Buffalo this afternoon (Wednesday). And that’s the last one on the book. I’ve heard rumors, not substantiated by me, that Kansas City and San Diego are interested. I don’t know that because I haven’t talked to my agent today.

“I was very impressed with what went on here today, how things were presented going forward with what we want to do here.”

Q. Would Arizona be your No.1 choice?

A. “Oh, easy. For a number of reasons. I like the organizational structure and then I love the fan base. For me, it’s been an amazing fan acceptance of me, whether at the game or on the street. That plays a lot, where the community appreciates what you do.”

Q. If they bring someone else in for the job, and you don’t get another head coaching job, can you be content being the defensive coordinator?

A. “I’ve never thought that way. I don’t think that way. I’ve never posed the question to myself.”

Q. I just did.

A. “Yea, you did. What’s your answer? I don’t think that way. Those things come around the corner and I’m always ‘the glass is overflowing-full.’ I’m excited about the opportunity here and the fantastic interview I had with Cleveland last night and going to try to knock Buffalo’s socks off.”

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