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Kiper: QB Wilson as tough as Jim Kelly

Posted by Chris Brown on January 19, 2013 – 10:33 am

Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson lost his three top receivers following the 2011 season, but still put together a pretty respectable 2012 season. That fact wasn’t lost on ESPN NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper when asked for a thumbnail sketch on the Razorbacks signal caller.

Wilson is participating at the Senior Bowl this week, and Kiper gave his assessment on where he might come off the board. He also feels that Wilson is comparable to Jim Kelly in one key area.

“Tyler Wilson going into the year you thought could be a first round pick, and now more of a second or third rounder,” said Kiper. “A kid that can throw the football. Tough, a guy that looks down that gun barrel and makes a lot of throws. When the pressure is on him he showed he is tough and would hang in there and make some nice, accurate throws. As tough as they come. Has the toughness of a linebacker.

“We all remember Jim Kelly when he came out of Miami he was recruited as a linebacker at Penn State. It’s a guy with an NFL arm and tremendous toughness. Under the previous coaching staff and with the talent around him, remember they lost their top three receivers from the prior year you expected this year to be a tough go and then he had an injury early on.

“So I think Tyler Wilson is the kind of guy maybe second round, at worst third, but second round is where you look at him. Had he had the great year you thought was possible based on what we saw two years ago he might’ve been a mid-first round pick.”

Wilson completed better than  62% of his passes, threw for over 3,300 yards with 21 TDs and 13 INTs. He was sacked 14 times.

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