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Bills scouts ready for juniors

Posted by johnmurphyshow on January 24, 2013 – 10:00 am

The Buffalo Bills scouting staff has been hard at work all week, looking over the prospects at the Senior Bowl in Mobile. But starting tomorrow, they will utilize their scouting combine, BLESTO, to dig into the juniors who have been declared eligible for the April draft.

Seventy three juniors will join the seniors in the NFL draft this year, most of whom are not able to attend this week’s Senior Bowl. But Bills Assistant General Manager Doug Whaley says he and GM Buddy Nix will sit down with the BLESTO scouts Friday in Mobile, to get their assesments of the crop of juniors coming into the draft in three months.

“Since the official declaration of the juniors eligible for the draft was January 18th, those guys (BLESTO) have been working on those juniors since the 18th hit,” Whaley said, during an appearance Wednesday night on The John Murphy Show live at the Senior Bowl.

“What they (BLESTO) do is give us a breakdown on what each of those juniors is about, and how they categorize those guys draft wise. And that will help us narrow our focus.”

Whaley says the actual meetings with the BLESTO scouting combine scouts starts Thursday night, with BLESTO’s reports on late additions to the Senior class of draft prospects, players that, for whatever reason, jumped up and made themselves draft-possible prospects in their senior year.

“There’s guys that may have looked at over the fall that may not have started, or started to have a good year, that they upgraded,” Whaley said. “And that’s what we’ll go over on Thursday night. We want to see any seniors that had a good year, guys that they say, hey, we didn’t have them rated that high last spring.”

“The BLESTO scouts will give us his information, here’s his lineage, here’s how he played , here’s what we thought about him when he played. Obviously, we had some scouts in on him, but we like to use that information resource as well, to get as much information on the players.”

The entire interview with Bills Assistant GM Doug Whaley is available on The John Murphy Show podcast on

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