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Why Hackett is OC & QBs coach

Posted by Chris Brown on January 26, 2013 – 10:17 am

Bills offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is also going to serve as quarterbacks coach for Doug Marrone. While that might look like a lot of work for a first time coordinator at the NFL level, Hackett has a specific reason why he’s chosen to take on the dual role.

“Growing up in this business I’ve seen a lot of coordinators, quarterback coaches, head coach, coordinators and quarterback coaches,” Hackett said. “And there’s just a simple bit of human error that might happen between that process. There’s the one vision of where it’s going to go and there needs to be a direct line in my opinion to the quarterback. It’s one of those things, whenever you do put another person in that place, unless they’ve been with you for a long time and know exactly how you think and exactly what you want it’s something that you don’t necessarily want to do right out of the gate.

“So I think right now it’s about saying this is the vision that coach Hackett and the offensive staff have and this is going to be directed right to the quarterback, whoever that is. So there’s no human error. So what I say right now that’s what we want to get done. Then it’s not, ‘Hey you want to explain it here?’ Then he goes in the room and he explains it and it might have had a couple of words off and it might confuse somebody so I just wanted to take away a little bit of that human error to start us off here.”

Hackett is clearly concerned that if there’s an extra person in the chain of communication that the messaging to the players, specifically the quarterbacks, could be misrepresented and thus misinterpreted. It’s clear that both head coach Doug Marrone and Hackett are very meticulous with the messaging to their players in the early stages of this regime and it appears as though that will continue once they begin meeting with the players this spring to begin implementation of the offensive and defensive systems.

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