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Bills say winning is key to success of Toronto series

Posted by johnmurphyshow on January 29, 2013 – 5:50 pm

The Bills in Toronto series has been extended for another five years, with five regular season games and one preseason game part of the agreement announced today at the Rogers Centre.

And the Bills made no bones about it. Part of the key to their success with the Toronto series is to put a better product on the field.

“Our commitment is that we have to bring a winning product to the field,” Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon told reporters in Toronto Tuesday, at a news conference announcing the agreement. “That’s where we have fallen down in this series. We talk about the atmosphere last year and it was not exactly conducive to what we want to build upon, but the reason for that was, we didn’t play good football—plain and simple.”

The Bills have only won one of the five regular season games they’ve played in the first five years of the Toronto series, the 2011 victory over the Washington Redskins.

Brandon says more wins in Toronto, and in Buffalo and elsehwere in the NFL, will mean more success for the Toronto series, as the franchise tries to extend its’ brand to the vast population center of Southern Ontario.

“From our standpoint, we need to win more,” Brandon said. ” We need a better on-field performance to turn people who are fans of the NFL, not particularly Bills fans, into Bills fans. We have a great segment of avid Bills fans here and over the last five years, we’ve won one game out of five. We need to turn that tide. And we’re committed to doing that.”

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