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Tasker on the Super Bowl experience

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 1, 2013 – 8:30 pm

Steve Tasker played in four Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills. And he’ll be on the field again Sunday, as a CBS sideline reporter for Super Bowl XLVII. It’s the third time Tasker has been tapped to be one of the sideline reporters for the big game.

And with his playing and broadcasting career tied into the Super Bowl, the former Bills special teams ace has a unique perspective on the game. He told The John Murphy Show Friday night that what he likes most about the Super Bowl, is the potential it has to define an NFL players’ career.

“I remember how important it really was to me and the players I played with,” Tasker told host John Murphy. “For the players in that locker room, who are trying to weave their way through the murky waters of Super Bowl week, it really means more than you can say.”

“Their whole life will sometimes center around this game. And they understand that, I think most of them do. They understand how important and how difficult it is to get here. And they live and die with every snap of this game, even before it starts.”

Tasker and the Bills last played in the Super Bowl 19-years ago. But he said on the radio show his memories of the game and the significance it played in his life remain vivid.

“That’s the one thing I remember,” Tasker said. “I was so fully invested in my team and getting us the win, I don’t think I’ve ever been invested in anything like that, before or since. Nothing ever seemed that important to me as that. No event ever seemed as important as that event. It’s neat to see grown men play a game that they think is so important to so many. I really enjoy that part of it, how important it is to these guys.”

The full interview with CBS sideline reporter Steve Tasker is available at\johnmurphyshow

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