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George Wilson’s generosity was legendary

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 11, 2013 – 8:20 pm

The Bills football department had a difficult chore Monday, releasing veterans Nick Barnett and George Wilson. And Wilson will especially be missed because of his charitable works, and his generosity.

Wilson arrived in Buffalo in 2004 as a rookie free agent, after being released by the Lions. After going through a position change, from WR to the defensive backfield, he became a valuable starter.

But Wilson proved his value in the Community Relations Department right from the start. Gretchen Geitter, the Bills Vice President of Community Relations, talked about Wilson Monday night on The John Murphy Show.

She considered Wilson an honorary member of the Community Relations Department, for his work with the Play 60 initiative, the United Way, and other charitable endeavors.

And Geitter also told the story of Wilson picking up the tab for merchandise and apparel at the Bills Store one day.

“He’ll be mad at me for telling this story-and I’m OK with it. He was in the Bills Store picking up some things for his family or his friends and the place was full of people, fans, and everyone was enjoying getting to see him,” she said.

“When he cashed out, he turned in his credit card number and he said to everyone in the store, ‘I just want to thank everyone here for your support, for following the Bills and supporting the Bills. Everything you got right now, everyone in the store, I’ll pick up the tab, it’s all on me.’”

Geitter says Wilson was not interested in getting any publicity for himself.

“There was a TV reporter there in the Bills Store, who said, ‘Can I grab my camera and cover this story?’ And George said, No, I’d prefer that you didn’t. I just want to thank the fans for what they do for this team.’ That was George.”

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