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McGee’s injury history the culprit

Posted by Chris Brown on February 14, 2013 – 4:11 pm

Terrence McGee was an accomplished cornerback when he was healthy. Unfortunately over the past four seasons staying healthy was his biggest problem and it’s why he was released by the club on Thursday.

In the last three seasons McGee played in just 22 of a possible 48 games, which is less than half due to various injuries. That’s not to indicate that McGee wasn’t tough. The same year that Jabari Greer chose not to play hurt in a free agent year, ultimately signing with New Orleans, McGee played on a bum knee for four weeks.

McGee also fought nerve problems in his lower back and leg and dealt with a variety of knee issues. Over the past two years knowing he wasn’t giving the team everything he had due to injury he agreed to take a pay cut last season where his salary was trimmed considerably.

Dragging himself on the field every day at training camp this past summer and doing everything he could to be available to play was nothing short of admirable. It often took him 25-30 minutes just to warm his recovering knee up. It’s amazing that he appeared in seven games this past season, but it was clear his body wasn’t going to allow him to be the same player.

We see it all too often where a player’s body doesn’t cooperate and allow a player with years left on his career to continue. In the NFL it’s all about availability and Buffalo made every effort to provide that to McGee. An unfortunate end to McGee’s tenure with the Bills.

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