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USC WR met with Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on February 22, 2013 – 1:47 pm

The Bills have gone on record saying they’d like to add a receiver in the NFL draft. They met with one of the prospects here at the NFL Combine.

USC WR Robert Woods told the media gathered at the Combine that he met with the Bills.

“I was in the room and they put me on the board to run through some plays,” said Woods. “Some plays went well and some not so well.”

Bills GM Buddy Nix shed some light on what they’re looking for from the players in their formal interview setting.

“I hate to bust a lot of people’s bubble, but we’re a little different in that 15 minute interview,” said Nix. “We put all the emphasis on football. What a guy knows about football. We used to spend that 15 minutes talking about their momma and daddy and what their sister does. We don’t do that anymore. We try to find out how much football he knows.

“Agents do such a good job of programming these guys to the point where their answers are almost written. They’re from memory. So you don’t get a true picture. But when you put a guy on the board or throw a play up on the board and ask them, ‘What is this called? What do you do here? What’s your read here? What’s your blocking scheme? It’s hard to get ready for that because it’s something that’s just thrown up there on you and new to you. That’s what we spend our 15 minutes on. We want when he leaves there to be able to know whether he’s smart enough that he can learn what we want to teach him.”   

Woods (6’1” 190) is known as a deceptive route runner and drops are a rarity. Has an exemplary work ethic with the only drawback being a history of ankle problems. The knocks are his lack of elite speed and a history of ankle problems. He had ankle surgery last spring.

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