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Mathieu is ‘Honey Badger’ no more

Posted by Chris Brown on February 27, 2013 – 12:28 pm

Former LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu was widely known as “Honey Badger”, but after getting tossed out of school for drug problems and now trying to make amends and start an NFL career, the moniker is something he no longer wants.

“I don’t,” said Mathieu when asked by if he still wants that nickname. “Back when I was the Honey Badger, I didn’t have everything intact. Going forward, I am going to focus on being Tyrann Mathieu and that is the person I want to control right now.”

Mathieu felt he presented himself well after going through drug rehab to the NFL clubs at the Combine the past few days.

“I think all my interviews went extremely well. I was extremely honest with those guys,” he said. “I kept a smile, was positive and definitely did not miss a beat when it came to drawing plays up on the board. I think the interview process went well. I think I carried myself well and that is only going to take me further into the future.”

Mathieu estimated that 30 percent of his interview with each club dealt with his off the field troubles before teams got into football. He said most teams see him as a nickel corner or a returner.

“I feel like I am an elite prospect. Most people don’t feel like that because of my stature but I make those same plays those bigger guys make and I think I am more physical than those guys also,” said Mathieu. “I try to put everything together when I come on the field for game day, try to lead my team.”

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