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Polian: free agency full of pitfalls for GMs

Posted by Chris Brown on March 6, 2013 – 10:03 am

It’s not surprising that a former NFL GM sees it this way, but considering that Bill Polian is a six-time NFL Executive of the Year it’s interesting that he sees the process of free agency as a set up for general managers to make mistakes.

Appearing on a national conference call, Polian outlined how the free agency process leaves GMs prone to make mistakes due to the risks involved that are sometimes hard to measure.

“I’ve often said you can’t be right in free agency,” said Polian. “No general manager can be right in free agency. This system is designed to have you make mistakes. The union wants players to get paid, and people are going to make mistakes here.

“So you try to eliminate the mistakes, at least from my perspective, you try to eliminate as many mistakes as possible by taking as few risks as possible. Some people may see it differently. And that’s what makes the world go round.

“The period we’re in right now is one where every club is faced with the question how much do I pay a player based upon, A, his productivity, B, his availability, and C, his longevity, and D, his contribution to the overall cap situation?

“So whenever you have red flag like injuries, like potential suspension or character issues, like age, like size, and age, injury, and to a lesser degree size, enter into the dead money issue. You have very, very tough decisions to make.”


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