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S Moore’s deal help with Byrd?

Posted by Chris Brown on March 10, 2013 – 11:06 am

When long term contracts are signed by players at the same position as a free agent for your team comparisons are inevitably made when it comes time for negotiations on a long term deal. With SS William Moore signing a five-year deal to stay with the Falcons, some Bills fans are wondering if it will help move the process along in getting Bills franchised safety Jairus Byrd under contract for the long haul.

Moore re-signed with the Falcons Saturday for a reported five years and $30M with $14M guaranteed. ESPN’s Adam Schefter has since reported that the maximum value of the deal is $32M, but that’s likely to be the case if every single incentive is reached. For round numbers sake let’s just take the $30M figure for now.

For a strong safety that’s a pretty good deal, especially for a 28-year old that has had durability issues, with just one 16-game season in his career.

Byrd however, is a free safety and only 26 (he’ll turn 27 in October). One would expect Byrd’s camp to push for a long term deal similar to that of San Diego FS Eric Weddle. He was 26 when he signed his five-year $40M contract two years ago, which included a $13M signing bonus and $19M guaranteed.

Ironically, Weddle has offered to restructure with the Chargers this offseason knowing they’re trying to add free agent talent to the roster. Byrd’s game is probably more comparable to Weddle’s and so it would seem inevitable that the comparison to him would be made by the Byrd camp.

Those kinds of negotiations between the Bills and Byrd are not on the front burner right now. There are more pressing personnel issues to be dealt with right now.

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