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Upset City in yesterday’s Bills Bracketology

Posted by Buffalo Bills on March 13, 2013 – 10:49 am


Bills Bracketology took a trip to Upset City yesterday when the 9th seeded Leodis McKelvin kick return came away with a clean victory over a highly touted C.J. Spiller 8th seed.

McKelvin surged early, perhaps due to his recent contract extension with the Bills, and finished with 77% of the vote, leaving C.J.’s impressive cross of the Cardinals defense with 23%.

With that win, the coast-to-coast return will move on to next week’s second round and will face the No. 1 overall seed and can’t-miss play of the year, Stevie Johnson’s alley-oop catch vs. Seattle.

Today’s matchup pits the 5th seeded Donald Jones TD catch against  Chris Kelsay’s  12th seeded game-changing safety in Arizona. Will newly-retired Kelsay have the juice to beat Jones? Watch the plays and cast your vote now!

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