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Free agent bargains approach

Posted by johnmurphyshow on March 18, 2013 – 5:00 pm

As NFL free agency moves into its’ second week, the time for finding bargains in the free agent pool has arrived. And NFL analyst and writer Bill Barnwell of says the smart teams will find good value in the next few days.

Barnwell appeared on The John Murphy Show Friday night. He’s a football analytics specialist who writes a regular column for

He told host John Murphy that there’s not much difference between the free agents signed by teams in the first wave last week, and the players still unsigned.

“The problem is, you’re talking about guys who are not only mediocrities,” he said, “but they’re guys who aren’t that much better than the guys who haven’t signed yet. An example might be Erik Walden, a guy who was bouncing around practice squads for four years, caught on with the Packers, played with them for two years—a below average starter I would say. Maybe a decent depth guy.”

“He went out and got 16-million dollars for four years, from the Indianapolis Colts. Now, is he a useful player that you might want to have on your roster? Sure. But is he better than half a dozen other guys still out there in free agency? Absolutely not. He might even be worse.”

“Those guys are eventually going to wind up signing for a million dollars for one year; two million dollars for one year, three million dollars over two years. When you have guys like that available, you just can’t spend four million dollars a year on a below-average linebacker. It just doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

The entire interview with Bill Barnwell of is available at

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