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Bills Bracketology “Marches” into 2nd round

Posted by Buffalo Bills on March 19, 2013 – 9:39 am


With yesterday’s win over the 15th seeded Bryan Scott pick-and-roll to the endzone, C.J. Spiller’s dynamic 3rd seeded touchdown run against the New York Jets becomes the last team to move into the 2nd round of Bills Bracketology. Spiller won handily with 86% of the vote.

Today’s first quarterfinal battle between the No. 1 and No. 9 seeds reads like an easy win for Stevie Johnson, but it’s March, and there’s always potential for a sprinkle of madness!

“As the coach of the overall number one seed in the NCAA tournament I understand the pressure Stevie feels to perform, but we’re both ballers, so I’m confident we’ve got this,” Louisville Coach Rick Pitino might have said about this matchup. (Read which current Bills player is supporting Pitino and his Cardinals in their tournament run.)

While you’re filling out your brackets in the next few days, make sure you stay tuned to for close battles between some of the best plays of the 2012 season. VOTE NOW for your first quarterfinal favorite!

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