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Geno used to the read option questions

Posted by Chris Brown on March 22, 2013 – 9:28 am

West Virginia QB Geno Smith is scheduled to work out with the Bills today. Already having performed in front of a lot of scouts and NFL GMs he’s faced a ton of questions about his game. Primarily a pocket quarterback in college, though he operated out of the shotgun, his athleticism has prompted a lot of questions as to whether he feels he can run the read option that became so popular with Russell Wilson, RG III and Colin Kaepernick last season.

“They ask me how willing I am to run the ball,” said Smith. “Have I run the read option? Am I willing to do so? Those questions have to go unanswered. With the past system I was in I wasn’t asked to run so they didn’t see much of that. Obviously they want to, but that’s something that comes along with what offense you’re in.

“I feel as though I can fit into any system. I’m not any particular type of quarterback. I don’t have one strength, I have many strengths. I do things that I feel can fit into pretty much any system.”

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