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Kolb: It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt

Posted by Chris Brown on April 8, 2013 – 8:42 pm

Bills QB Kevin Kolb was last seen by Bills fans last season in Week 5 when he was under an enormous amount of pressure from Buffalo’s defensive front in Arizona. It would also prove to be his last start for the Cardinals as the five sacks and numerous other hits he endured before finally exiting the game in the fourth quarter led to four separated ribs and a sprained shoulder.

I asked Kolb about his physical state after that game in an interview on the John Murphy Show this evening because I saw him being wheeled out of the bowels of University of Phoenix Stadium after the game to the hospital. His ribs were so bad he couldn’t lay down on the stretcher.

“Needless to say it was the most pain I ever felt 10-fold,” Kolb said. “I was talking to some of the guys here that were on the field when it happened and I think everybody was in shock. It took me three days to get my arms down after that happened. The way my ribs were laying in there it was excruciating pain no matter what they gave me and hopefully I never have to relive that again, but it’s kind of ironic that I’m sitting here with the guy who did it and playing with the team it happened against.”

Kolb said facing the Bills defense was enough to put a check mark in the box for good defense on his list when deciding if the Bills were the right fit for him.

“When we watched them on tape last year they had come off two games back to back where they had given up a lot of yards so we knew they would come in with a chip on their shoulder, and the way they were flying around when they came in was something to watch,” said Kolb. “I did take that into account.”

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