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Talk of up tempo style appeals to Kolb

Posted by Chris Brown on April 9, 2013 – 8:24 am

Along with the fact that a lot of the terminology in Nathaniel Hackett’s offense is familiar to Kevin Kolb, what’s also appealing to Kolb is talk of having an up tempo approach with the offense as well.

Appearing on the John Murphy Show, Kolb explained how he was pushing to go with an up tempo approach last season in Arizona. So to hear there will be elements of that in Buffalo has him very encouraged believing it’s an area where he excels.

“Last year before the injury we really got to where we were trying to progress as a no huddle, up tempo type offense,” said Kolb. “I pushed very hard once I took back over and if you go back and watch those games against New England, against
Seattle and late against the Dolphins they weren’t two-minute drills, they were no huddle drills. We were calling the shots on the field.

“My wife always goes crazy saying, ‘I don’t know why they don’t do it all the time. You just look so comfortable when they let you do your no huddle thing.’ So I was looking for some of that (in free agency). The way that Peyton (Manning) and Tom (Brady) runs the show out there. I really like the way Tom Brady does his stuff. I feel like that was something I was looking for. Obviously this is my first day here and we’ll get to the extent of what we’re going to be doing here, but there’s going to be some of that in the works.”

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