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Remembering draft room hierarchy

Posted by Chris Brown on April 24, 2013 – 2:00 pm

Though Mr. Wilson ultimately has the final call, Buffalo’s founder and owner has left GM Buddy Nix in charge of the team’s personnel decisions, which includes those in the Bills draft room. And it’s pretty clear how the draft room hierarchy works. While opinions are sought and consensus is the goal Nix is the triggerman.

When asked how much the preferences or wants of coaches factor in to player selection decisions during the draft, Nix was pretty straightforward in explaining how things work.

“They may know exactly how to do it, but what they do is how we do it,” said Nix of the coaches. “We don’t ask them about procedure with the draft. We know how we want to do that and we know it works. With Mike (Pettine) and the (defensive) staff that was with the Jets, those guys have been in the draft room so they kind of know what to expect. Our way is a bit different in that everybody gets to voice their opinion. It’s not who gets to talk the loudest and the longest. It’s give your opinion, you’ve done your job. We’ll decide where he goes.”

Knowing Nix and his scouting staff determine the grading of prospects on the board is important. It likely means that no matter how much the Bills offensive staff may like Ryan Nassib as a quarterback prospect it’s the grade given to him by the scouting department that will ultimately determine when and where he’ll be a consideration in the draft.

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