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EJ’s a family guy

Posted by on April 26, 2013 – 3:11 pm


Obvious first impressions of EJ Manuel -he’s a family guy. Last night, Manuel was overcome with emotion, as tears filled his eyes when he was drafted by the Bills in the first round.

Manuel’s mother, Jackie was also overwhelmed with pride and joy. Jackie has something else to be proud of,she’s a breast cancer survivor and has been cancer free for weeks.

In his first press conference at One Bills Drive, the new quarterback describes what it was like to have his family and mother present last night.

“It meant a lot to have my mom there in good health,” said Manuel. “She has been working for the past four weeks and gotten back into her normal everyday thing that she does. To go out across that stage and see her when I came back from it just meant a lot to me. She has made a lot of sacrifices just as my dad has, too. This is not just an EJ one, it is a whole family one.”

Sure, being drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft is a special moment, and Manuel wanted nothing more than to share the experience with his family, creating memories to last a lifetime.

“I chose to go to New York not just for myself, but for my family. I wanted my family to enjoy the draft process. I wanted them to have some type of feeling to always remember that day, that night. To be picked in the first round meant a lot to me. To have my whole family there meant even more.”

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