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Sharpening routes has been Goodwin’s focus

Posted by Chris Brown on April 27, 2013 – 12:45 am

Bills third-round pick Marquise Goodwin is seen as a developmental wide receiver due in part to the spring practice time he lost at Texas every year as he ran track. But that makes Buffalo think his upside is higher knowing he hasn’t had that extra time on the field like most of the other prospects in the draft class. Goodwin has been training throughout the pre-draft process and there’s one part of his game in particular that he’s spent the most time refining.

“Running routes and just being able to finish through games. It was a question whether I could run routes rather than running in a straight line. Little did people know, yeah I ran vertical; really I ran a lot more routes with cuts more than I did vertical. For people to be skeptical about if I could be a polished route runner it was totally over my head. I’m glad for the opportunity that I have now. It’s all good now.”

Bills head coach Doug Marrone stated Friday that it’s on the coaches to develop Goodwin’s skill set and make him a weapon at the NFL level.

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