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King: Marrone did what was best for team

Posted by Chris Brown on April 29, 2013 – 12:50 pm

There was a lot made of Buffalo choosing EJ Manuel over Ryan Nassib in the NFL draft this past weekend in round 1, despite all the past history between head coach Doug Marrone and his Syracuse QB. But’s Peter King pointed out that Marrone’s top priority now is doing what’s best for the Bills, not his former players.

King wrote the following about the Manuel decision in his Monday Morning QB column.

I admire what Doug Marrone did. I think passing on the quarterback who helped him get an NFL head-coaching job was tough — but it was the loyal thing to his organization, and the honorable thing to do once he found he liked E.J. Manuel more than his own Ryan Nassib.

“The responsibility I had was to get the best player we could get,” Marrone told King. “There are a lot of people relying on me to get the best players we can get here — all the people in the organization and all the fans who buy tickets to see us play.”

Marrone also shared his notes from the Senior Bowl on Manuel with King after he sat down and talked with the Florida State product in late January.

“Met at Senior Bowl,” he began. “Wow. That was impressive. Didn’t seem  schooled-up. Genuine. Bright-eyed. Willing. If he was in a room, he’d be the  kind of guy you’d want to go up and talk to. Yes-sir, no-sir guy. Seemed to be  raised correctly. Will follow up to make sure he wasn’t schooled-up. Very impressive person.”



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