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What Hopkins has worked on recently

Posted by Chris Brown on May 6, 2013 – 3:43 pm

As we profiled on today, Bills sixth-round pick Dustin Hopkins has been meticulous in sharpening each and every one of his skills as a kicker. Here’s what he’s been working on most recently with respect to his game.

“Just like with golfers once they master one thing it seems like something else pops up,” Hopkins told “With kicking you’re constantly going back and changing new things once you master another. The last couple of seasons I’ve been working on trying to stay short on my approach on field goals and have the shortest distance to the ball, which helps with the get off time.

“Also just seeing the ball when I kick. Often I think kickers just go and hit it and they don’t really focus on the sweet spot or really seeing it. I think that’s helped me a lot. It sounds funny to somebody that doesn’t kick, just seeing the ball. But those two things have helped especially this past season.”

Hopkins was a career 78.5% field goal kicker in college and set the NCAA record for most career field goals with 88.

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