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LB Pough a talker on the field

Posted by Chris Brown on May 8, 2013 – 9:48 am

Undrafted rookie LB Keith Pough isn’t nasty with his talk on the field, but he can certainly jaw with the best of them between the lines. For Pough it isn’t an act so much as his natural passion for the game just bubbling to the surface.

“I don’t do it to stay hype or to get hyped or to hype others,” said Pough. “I love the game so much that I have fun on the field and I just can’t help but talk. I’m just excited to always line up. Anything dealing with football I’m excited about it. It comes through my play.”

Pough’s chatter while practicing and playing in the East-West Shrine game was actually encouraged by the coaches on hand.

“You can talk to anyone from rec leagues, to high school to my college teammates that’s who I am,” Pough told “I’m just passionate about the game and I feel that my passion is infectious and it’s going to rub off on my teammates and it’s going to cause all of us to come together and form that bond and play at a high level.”

Pough’s exuberance at the East-West Shrine game may also have been a byproduct of being the first Howard player to participate in the postseason game.

“I was the only guy from my school to participate in the 88-year history of the East-West Shrine game,” he said. “Then to be competing with guys from Division I schools put a lot of icing on the cake. Then to perform at a high level was like a cherry on top.”

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