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How offseason program has helped locker room

Posted by Chris Brown on May 9, 2013 – 9:41 am

Buffalo’s offseason conditioning program under new head coach Doug Marrone has been ultra-competitive and non-stop as the players have described it. With the roster divided into seven mini-teams and a leaderboard for individual point totals based on participation and performance, the players are not only getting properly prepped for the season, but they’re also becoming a tighter team in the locker room.

It’s no secret that many NFL locker rooms have a bit of a dividing line where offensive players more often congregate with the teammates on their side of the ball and the defensive players do the same. In many cases it’s not done in any kind of exclusionary way, it’s just human nature. Marrone and his staff with their offseason program have successfully mixed position groups with the mini-teams in the offseason competition program. The result is players from vastly different position groups are rooting for one another and knowing more than by the number on their jersey.

“It’s one of those things where we’re a team, but we’re also competing with each other so you’ve got guys at different positions rooting for each other,” said Fred Jackson. “We have running backs rooting for defensive tackles and guys that play defensive end rooting for safeties. It’s a great way to know everybody and compete with them at the same time.”

Jackson is currently atop the individual player leaderboard through the first four weeks of the program.

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