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Marrone: We’re playing for a higher calling

Posted by Chris Brown on May 9, 2013 – 11:15 am


During his hour long Fan Forum with Bills season ticketholders this week, Bills head coach Doug Marrone was asked how he intends to motivate a group of players that he has inherited and are new to his ways of coaching. Marrone indicated that he and the players have worked on building a relationship here in the offseason and that he has been clear about their purpose here both coaches and players for the Bills organization.

“We’re working together. I meet with players daily, talk to them daily. We’re here and they’re here for a reason,” Marrone said. “What’s going to be our tradition? What are we going to leave behind? I’ve talked about the higher calling. If you’re playing for yourself and you’re playing for the money, then you’re playing for the wrong reasons. When we were all kids and we played this game we didn’t have coaches. But we went out there and played as hard as we could. We did it all on our own. Why does it change? Why does it change? It shouldn’t.

“We’re fortunate. Less than one percent of the people get to do this in the world. We should go out there and play. We’re playing for a championship. We’re playing for a trophy. We’re playing for a higher calling. We’re playing for an organization that shouldn’t be going through this. Shouldn’t be going through this! People in this area should not be going through this. We have to change that.

“We have the ability to affect a region, by putting a productive, winning football team out there. That’s our higher calling. If you’re not buying into that then you don’t need to be here. You can go play for some other team. We don’t want those kinds of players on our football team.”

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