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Whaley has “an aggressive eye”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 16, 2013 – 9:15 pm

According to one of his college football teammates, the new General Manager of the Buffalo Bills is smart and aggressive.

And former Bills Guard Ruben Brown says those qualities will serve Doug Whaley and the Bills very well.

Brown was a guest on The John Murphy Show Thursday night. He and Whaley were teammates on the University of Pittsburgh football team twenty years ago: Brown as an offensive lineman, and Whaley as a hybrid linebacker\safety.

Ruben Brown told host John Murphy that Whaley was a well educated Pittsburgh native who had great rapport with his Pitt Panthers teammates.

“He could deal with a lot of different backgrounds and upbringings and cultures,” Brown said. “It was a big melting pot of different people from all across the country coming to Pittsburgh. Doug was a bright guy that everyone could talk to, you could discuss all types of issues with him. And he respected his knowledge and how well he understood the game of football.”

Brown says Doug Whaley will bring a fresh approach to the Bills personnel department ,and an aggressive demeanor.

“Going forward, there’s going to be a real aggressive eye on the talent that’s in the building or coming into the building,” Brown said. “That’s going to take a lot of different forms. It’s going to be like a John Butler type thing, someone who could walk in the locker room, put his hand on a guy, look in his face, and see whether he’s invested the right amount of money in him.”

The entire interview with former Bills All Pro Guard Ruben Brown is available here

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