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Stevie judges Tim Hortons Donut Duel

Posted by on May 21, 2013 – 4:43 pm


Today, Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop hosted a Donut Duel at their Southwestern Stadium location in Orchard Park. Bakers from five local stores competed with their own creations to win over the judges, one of which was Bills WR Stevie Johnson. Johnson had the opportunity to taste and score all of the donuts.

Stevie Johnson Donut Duel Q&A:

Q: Have you ever judged a “donut duel” before?

A: I’ve never judged a donut duel, but now I want to judge more. I had about 12 free donuts…ha it’s like the best day of my life right now.

Q: What’s your favorite item at Tim Hortons?

A: I like the strawberry banana smoothie or the chicken wraps.

Q: Do you ever get asked for autographs when you go through the drive-through?

A: I’ve done autographs, pictures. Sometimes I get, “can you wait right here so I can get my friend they won’t believe it!” It’s a cool group when I come to Tim Hortons.

Q: Which was your favorite donut?

A: The “Apple Crumble” was my favorite. It had a refreshing taste. It wasn’t overdone.

Q: Second favorite?

A: The strawberry sundae reminded me of ice cream. I enjoyed that.

Q: Third favorite?

A: The crumble crunch supreme. I liked the cream on the inside, the chocolate on top of the peanuts. I liked the taste.

Q: Which donut had the most unique name?

A: I like “Luna Paw” because the proceeds go to Luna the polar bear at the Buffalo Zoo.

Q: Any last words about the duel?

A: It was great. Free donuts, it’s amazing!

The Tim Hortons “Donut Duel” series will be continuing until August, when the Buffalo Zoo hosts the final duel. The winning donut will be sold in Tim Hortons Café and Bake Shop locations for a week, with proceeds helping to keep Luna the polar bear at the Buffalo Zoo.

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