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Graham hosts skills camp Saturday

Posted by on May 22, 2013 – 1:25 pm

Drive by Williamsville South High School Saturday, May 25, and you’ll see the football field transformed into what looks like an obstacle course of football activities.

That’s because Bills wide receiver T.J. Graham is hosting his second annual “T.J. Graham High School Skills Challenge,” a track meet style football camp with drills similar to what athletes go through at the NFL combine.

How did Graham come up with this challenge idea? It all started when he had the opportunity to participate in one while in college.

“I had an opportunity to participate in a college all-stars stills challenge, but my agent suggested it wasn’t a smart idea in case of injury etc.,” Graham told “I went to sleep that night quite bitter, and I woke up with the idea that if I can’t make it to the challenge, there are probably hundreds of other kids who won’t have the opportunity to participate in something like that either. I wanted to bring it to those athletes.”

By going to, (a website built by Graham himself,) you can register your team for the challenge. How does it work? Each team is stacked with eight players: running back, quarterback, wide receiver, offensive lineman, defensive lineman, linebacker and two defensive backs.

Teams choose a name and compete in different obstacles testing football skills. Teams are scored on performance, and have the opportunity to win some really cool prizes.

Along with building the website, Graham has done all marketing and leg work on his own with the help of two friends. He has secured some impressive sponsors, and has great prizes for winning teams.

T.J. hopes that even though it is a competition, athletes still have fun.

“My message to athletes is to have fun- football is fun,” said Graham.

There’s still time to register your team for the T.J. Graham Skills challenge. Visit, and check out his promo video.

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