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Players in thinking phase with schemes

Posted by Chris Brown on May 30, 2013 – 4:11 pm

Players when working to learn a new offensive or defensive scheme go through a process. Through the early stages players often have to think about their assignment as they read the play and then they react. Eventually they want to get to a point where they feel so comfortable in the system that they’re no longer thinking about the assignment, they’re just executing. As Nigel Bradham sees it they’re not at that point just yet.

“I feel like we are kind of thinking a little more,” said Bradham. “We haven’t gotten to the point where it’s all instincts and reacting yet as a team, as a defense. We’ve haven’t gotten to the point yet where everybody knows what they’re doing or everybody knows each other’s position so we know where our help is at or where is the weakness of the defense. We haven’t got to that point yet, but we’re definitely working at it and getting better.”

It’s difficult to say exactly when the offense and defense will be just reacting as a unit knowing players absorb and learn at different rates, but with the work being put in the learning curve shrinks with each passing day.

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