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Polian’s outlook for 2013 Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on June 4, 2013 – 10:56 am

Bills former GM and current ESPN NFL analyst Bill Polian was asked for his outlook on the 2013 Bills lead by new head coach Doug Marrone. Here was his synopsis, which included a reference to top draft choice EJ Manuel.

“I’ve said numerous times before that Doug Marrone is a great coach. I think he proved that at Syracuse,” Polian said. “I know he’s got a plan for how to proceed. I know he’ll get the players attention and respect. I’m sure he’s got that already. He’s decisive, he’s tough, he’s hard-nosed. He knows how to play. He’s got a great track record not only in college football, but in the NFL. The truth is we both went to the same high school so I’m not neutral  when it comes to him. I’m proud of what he’s achieved.

“That is the first step in the right direction. They’ve got a coach who knows how to win and plans to win. The rest of it now is putting the pieces in place. They’ve got to get better play from the quarterback position. That’s no secret. Buddy (Nix) said that quite clearly. But in the young man that they have he’s got a world of talent, perhaps the most since they drafted Jim (Kelly). I don’t want for one minute to compare him to Jim, that’s not fair to him. The fact is that he’s got some growing to do and I think he’ll go through some growing pains so fans need to be patient with that. But I do think that the future is bright and some good pieces are in place.”

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