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Fan Friday 6-7

Posted by Chris Brown on June 7, 2013 – 11:46 am

Got to tip the hat to those that led and were a part of the Allied invasion on this D-Day. Our thanks to you all. Now for the latest edition of of your questions from and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Chris,

I love the speed we’re assembling, especially on offense.  If you had to rank the fastest offenses, where would the Bills fall?

I think the criticism Nix has received is largely unfair.  Not even the best GM can hit on every pick and the way he approaches building a team is smart.  I have a lot of respect for how the Giants built their team and I feel like Buddy is very similar in style.  I wish we could have had Nix for 10 years at the helm!  What will be his actual duties going forward? I know he’ll still be involved with the team but how much is the question.

Thanks for everything you do!  Dave.

CB: Your speed question is an interesting one. I would certainly put the speed on Buffalo’s offense at the top of the division, though Miami has made a point to add speed as well in Mike Wallace and their top back this season Lamar Miller can move. Still, he’s no C.J. and I think the addition of an athletic tight end prospect in Chris Gragg tips the scale in Buffalo’s favor over the Dolphins.

Beyond the division I think other teams with top flight speed on offense that numbers more than two players include Philadelphia (McCoy, Maclin, Jackson), Denver (Demaryius Thomas, Trindon Holliday, Welker) and Minnesota (Jerome Simpson, Cordarrelle Pattterson, Peterson), but that’s about it.

As for Buddy Nix, I agree with your assessment. He’s patiently built the roster filling in a great number of holes the past few years and finally added one of the final pieces in quarterback EJ Manuel. The roster is not loaded, but he certainly left the team in much better shape than the one he inherited.

He’ll be a special assistant for the team moving forward, kind of like a sounding board for the organization on personnel matters, but he won’t be involved in the day-to-day grind.


2 – I think a lot of Bills fans are wondering about Marcus Easley and how he looks in practice this year. Any insights?

Thanks!  Gary

CB: Unfortunately Easley has been sidelined with an undisclosed injury. No word on whether he’ll be able to participate in the upcoming mandatory minicamp. We’ll know more next week.

I’ll admit it’s tough to watch his career get interrupted time and again by injuries. It’s never had a chance to truly develop.


3 – Hi Chris:

I have one simple question to ask you, why did the Bills NOT sign Karlos Dansby after his visit to the Bills??  Who did not like him well enough to try to sign him?  Was it Buddy Nix??  I await your answer.  Thank you.

Bills fan in TN

CB: My interpretation on the whole Karlos Dansby situation was the Bills were interested in signing him at a designated price tag. If Dansby sought more money or felt there was a better opportunity for him elsewhere, that was his prerogative.

I never got the sense that Buffalo was desperate to sign him. There was interest, but they weren’t going to overpay for a linebacker who was capable, but not an ideal fit because he lacked versatility.


4 – Chris:

Long-time reader, first-time writer. Congrats again on the Manuel call. I heard the idea from you first, so credit where credit’s due!

Quick question about the Ralph renovations. What’s the timetable? Has any work started? As a season-ticket holder, I’m excited about the planned changes, and I wanted to know if anything will be different come the home opener. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

Will in Philadelphia

CB: Thanks for the kind words. With respect to renovations there will be some work done this year, but it won’t be all that noticeable to the fans attending the stadium. That’s because it’s a lot of the guts of the stadium that will be upgraded. The more cosmetic projects like the east end scoreboard additions and big west end pavilion project will not get going until 2014.


5 – Hi Chris:

Love your coverage of the Bills!
Low priority for you…do you know what type of visor Coach Marrone wears?

I can’t find it…?!
Thank you for any info you can get.
Go Bills!  8 – 8 this year and playoffs next year!  ???

Mark Stuhlmiller
Casper, WY

CB: From what I have been told that visor is currently not available, but with Coach Marrone wearing it I understand that there are efforts being made to make the visor available in the future. If I hear anything new I’ll let you know.


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