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How Marrone first heard of Tebow signing

Posted by Chris Brown on June 11, 2013 – 8:04 pm

Bills head coach Doug Marrone is the type of coach that has his head down and is moving forward. So when he arrived home on Monday it was his young son who informed him that division rival New England had signed free agent QB Tim Tebow.

“I did hear that,” said Marrone when asked about the Tebow signing. “My son told me that because I was out last night. I don’t think anything fascinates me in this profession. I’m one of those guys that have been kicked around a lot so I’ve always appreciated the fact when someone has an opportunity to make a team and go play whether it’s Tim Tebow or Tarvaris Jackson.

“Whoever it is in this league, from a personal standpoint you want that opportunity. When the time comes when you have to walk away or things don’t work out well at least when you look back you’ve had an opportunity so it’s fortunate for anyone in this game to have an opportunity.”

Marrone played for a handful of NFL clubs before entering the coaching profession.

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