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Fan Friday 6-14

Posted by Chris Brown on June 14, 2013 – 11:46 am

The players are done with minicamp and get a six-week break from field practices before training camp. But questions abound! Let’s get to the latest edition of your questions from and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – Thanks for all you do Chris!
Two questions: One, why haven’t we heard much about Jeff Tuel? He hasn’t been mentioned in press conferences or included in any stats. Two, out of all the QB’s, which to you has been most impressive? Thanks Chris!

CB: Tuel had not been mentioned much prior to this week because he wasn’t getting much work in practice. Typically it was fewer than five snaps a practice, so outside of individual drills it was tough to get a feel for what he can do.

He got some more work in the minicamp this week and has what look to be good physical skills. Clearly the Bills believe he can be developed since he was kept over Tarvaris Jackson.

With respect to the quarterbacks as a whole it’s hard not to be impressed by EJ Manuel’s physical ability. The ease with which he throws a pass and the charisma he carries is noticeable and we haven’t seen that around here in some time.

2 – Hey Chris,

Thanks for all of your great coverage every year of our Buffalo Bills.  I really enjoy reading all of your updates and breaking news.

So my question is around Jarius Byrd. I know he hasn’t signed his franchise tender yet, so what happens if he decides to not sign it at all?  What are the Bills options at that point?


CB: After July 15th if Byrd still has not signed his one-year franchise tender, the Bills would not be eligible to negotiate a long-term contract with Byrd until after the 2013 regular season is over. So really they’d have no options other than trading his rights.

At that point the ball would be in Jairus Byrd’s court as to whether he wants to sign the one-year tender and play this season with Buffalo. In order to get credit for an accrued season in 2013, the latest that Byrd could wait to sign the tender would be November 12th. If he doesn’t sign by then he’s ineligible to play in 2013.

If that happens the Bills would be within their rights to place the franchise tag on Byrd again for 2014. The only difference for Buffalo is the compensation in that case would be a first and third-round pick. The current compensation this year is a pair of first-round selections.

3 – Hi Chris,

I loved the draft this year, I think the Bills addressed the needs. I feel we got 2 WR that will be big contributors from day one. The UDFA ,out of all the UDFA we picked up , who do you believe will make this team and becomes a big factor Now?

Also do you think guys like Brad Smith and T.Jackson might be gone now that we have filled the holes at QB,and WR. Will we see Byrd this year or is his days in Buffalo numbered?

One final question, is Manuel the future of this team? Do you think he can bring this team back to life? He has the size and the arm, but can put it all together to be that guy, does he have what it takes to become a Very good QB in this league, or does it come down to Hope and Prayers?

Thanks Doug

CB: I think among the undrafteds, Da’Rick Rogers and Nickell Robey have both put themselves in good position to land a roster spot, but it’s early and it’s still not real football. The two of them have not looked out of place in practice and have made plays regularly. Again things will be different when the pads are on and I’m admittedly concerned about Robey holding up in the run game at 165 pounds, but we’ll wait and see at camp.

Well you were correct about Tarvaris Jackson, but I think he was more a victim of logistics than anything else. Head coach Doug Marrone indicated releasing Jackson was due to the fact that they would not be able to have a proper evaluation of a real competition with three QBs rotating through.

As for Brad Smith, he’s performed well in the spring practices and could be a coveted veteran presence among this corps of young receivers. I’m interested to see what he can do now that his offensive focus is solely on receiver.

Concerning EJ Manuel, much like I said after the draft, he was the quarterback prospect in this year’s class that has the best chance to be great. Not someone you can win with, or above average, but great. It’s just a matter of how long before that greatness emerges, but it can never hurt to pray.

4 – Chris;

Most Defenses use two D Lines and substitute freely throughout the game, while the O Line usually stays the same except for injury! Why is that?

It would seem a rest in the game would also benefit an O Lineman? It would also further develop our backups.


Jim from Florida

CB: While I think some of your points certainly have merit, the offensive line is a different animal from defensive line. On offense those five guys need to work in sync on every play where on the defensive front there’s less of that. Sure there are stunts and twists where ends and D-tackles work together, but it’s limited in comparison to the blocking schemes of the offensive line.

So I would attribute the lack of substitution on the O-line to that, the need for continuity and consistency with the personnel in the blocking schemes.

5 – Hi Chris,

What’s your early feeling/assessment on E.J. Manuel from watching him in the spring?

I think we are way overdue for a Franchise QB and hope is he the guy.


Thanks for all the news!

Big Bills Fan in Denver, CO

CB: As I stated above his physical ability is impressive. In terms of his physical talent he’s probably comparable to Cam Newton in terms of mobility and throwing arm talent. Manuel needs time on the field in the practice setting and he’ll get that now with one less quarterback in the rotation.

I think this offense caters well to a young signal caller, so if he wins the competition I think he’ll be able to make progress each week as a rookie. I just haven’t seen enough of him to know if it’s fair to expect the wild success that the rookies last year like Luck, Griffin and Wilson had out of him in 2013.

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