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Coaches recharging batteries too

Posted by Chris Brown on June 26, 2013 – 9:11 am

As much as the players mentally relax before the demands and strain of a 16-game regular season, Buffalo’s coaching staff is also taking some time away from the game to return to One Bills Drive refreshed and ready for the grind that will ensue July 29th at St. John Fisher.

“I think you do have time to breathe now,” said Marrone. “You get a chance to make sure you have everything set for training camp, and for the season. We were able to do that and give the players a schedule for the rest of the year. Now it’s just a little bit of quality control and checklists. Now it’s time to refresh ourselves both mentally and physically. This is the time we have off now and we won’t get this kind of time for a very long time. When we come back we have to be 110 percent committed to football for a very long time.”

NFL coaching staffs typically take off anywhere from the last week in June to the second week of July.

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