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Where else player GPS tracking helps

Posted by Chris Brown on July 24, 2013 – 1:45 pm

As we covered on today, the initial goal of the individual player GPS tracking being conducted by the Bills strength and conditioning staff with players in practice at training camp is to prevent injury from overuse on the field. It’s part of their analytic development. There are also other benefits that the Bills will be able to take advantage of as they gather more data over the next calendar year.

Bills strength and conditioning coordinator Eric Ciano said there will be a benefit to the rehab process for players coming off of injury.

“We can specialize training for offseason, position guys, group to group,” said Ciano. “The number one goal is to try to help prevent injury. Two monitor our players. It’s huge for our rehab too. For a guy that’s coming back when the trainer says, ‘We want him to work at 50 percent.’ Well if I know he’s a 20-mile per hour guy then that means 10 miles per hour. We can monitor that in real time on the computer right on the field or you can take it and download it after and see what speed and we went 1,000 yards today. Our goal tomorrow is 2,000 yards. We can monitor all that stuff.”

Still another benefit down the line is the data provided by the individual player GPS tracking could help the coaching staff structure practices that keep high workload players from being pushed too far for too many consecutive days.

“They can adjust practices maybe for certain guys,” Ciano said. “In other countries with Australian Rules Football and in England with soccer and stuff they use a lot of this stuff to design their practices. That’s the ultimate goal, but our goal right now is to analyze data for a year, get as much information as we can, create great standards for each position group and be able to monitor the guys we have now and make sure we don’t have overuse injuries.”

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