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Why 2K for C.J. is possible

Posted by Chris Brown on July 27, 2013 – 6:29 am

We took an in depth look at whether 2,000 rushing yards in a season for C.J. Spiller is possible in our latest Top 25 questions to training camp countdown this morning on In terms of ability I don’t think anyone debates Spiller is capable. The real question lies in opportunity. Here’s why I believe that kind of opportunity will be there.

Nathaniel Hackett’s offense is going to be operating at warp speed. Provided the team makes first downs and holds onto the ball Buffalo’s plays per game is going to take a sizable jump up.

Last year Buffalo ranked 28th in the league averaging 61.4 plays per game. New England led the league with a mark of 74.3. At Syracuse Hackett’s offense averaged 79.1 and in college it should be noted there are more clock stoppages on out of bounds plays.

Still, in its ideal form Buffalo’s offense is expected to afford the playmakers in their offense significantly more opportunities to make plays and gain yardage. Spiller could arguably touch the ball 30 times a game if the offense is operating efficiently. In that same game Fred Jackson could conceivably touch it 20-25 times and Stevie Johnson could make 10-15 catches.

At Syracuse they ran about 41 run plays per game, so there should be enough plays for the ball to be shared effectively.

Based on the comments we’ve heard from Hackett and head coach Doug Marrone they’re fine with riding the hot hand in games and don’t see too concerned about giving a back too many carries.

When an offense that’s expected to move this fast is effective it also very quickly wears an opponent out. That means later in games tackling by the defense isn’t as sound and players on Buffalo’s offense could fall into more yardage.

Provided C.J. stays healthy, Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson might not be the only current players with a 2,000-yard rushing season.

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