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Marrone planning for full tackle scrimmage

Posted by Chris Brown on July 28, 2013 – 12:43 pm

While the players wonder exactly how practices are going to play out in training camp under new head coach Doug Marrone, Buffalo’s sideline boss was pretty clear on the value he places on tackling, the fundamentals of it and the need to rep it in the camp setting. That’s why he’s got plans for a full tackle intrasquad scrimmage.

“My philosophy and obviously it’s something that’s been built over the years,” said Marrone. “We’ve been able to reduce the injury factor on how we practice with the amount of contact that we’ve had. That means that we’ve gone from a standpoint where some periods will be tag off (tackling), some periods will be thud and some periods will be contact. We’ll work on tackling every day and work on those drills that you have to do from a contact standpoint. But we’ll avoid that with the players early on until we drill it and get a foundation.

“My philosophy is when we go we’ll have a big scrimmage on (Monday) night (Aug. 5th). That will be a live scrimmage. That will be the first look where we see who can really get it done in a live situation. Goal line or short yardage are situations where you want to go live. It’s very difficult to have those periods without being live.

“Guys will tackle to the ground. Just to make sure so as not to misrepresent what we’re going to do. We’re going to come in and warm up a little bit and have a 7-on-7, some one-on-ones and then have a pretty good scrimmage.

“After that we’ll be thud and doing things the right way for our fundamental periods and then we’ll take the contact into the preseason.

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