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New stadium feasibility premature per Brandon

Posted by Chris Brown on July 29, 2013 – 10:48 am

In the wake of the new lease agreement between the Bills, Erie County and New York State was the language contained within it that talked of conducting studies and exploring the feasibility of a new stadium for the team. Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon was asked if there were any developments on that front. Here was his response.

“Our focus right now is completely on the renovation, but as part of the (Memorandum of Understanding) and the
lease moving forward we will work hand in hand with the Governor’s office and the county on doing studies down the road to see if the stadium situation needs to be altered in any capacity,” said Brandon in an appearance on the Howard Simon show. “When we went through this past renovation we considered new stadium, retro fit, renovation and the renovation process was the route we took. But I think the nice thing about the lease agreement is there are caveats in that which will give us an opportunity with whatever needs to be done in the future.”

Renovations on Ralph Wilson Stadium have already begun, with the initial work focused on the “bones” of the stadium with structural repair and improvements.

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