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Balancing coordinator & QB coach role

Posted by Chris Brown on August 8, 2013 – 2:29 pm

Bills offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is also the team’s quarterbacks coach. The jobs have a ton of overlap, so it might not seem like a demanding dual role. Tell that to Hackett, who has an offense to stand in front of and deliver a consistent message, while also trying to get two rookie quarterbacks ready to play.

Hackett has had multiple titles before on a coaching staff. At Syracuse he had four coaching titles during one season. Finding that balance between being the lead spokesperson for the offense while also giving the necessary one-on-one time to his quarterbacks is not easy.

“It’s just kind of happening right now,” said Hackett. “I think if you’re an offensive coordinator, no matter what the quarterback has to be on the exact same page as whoever is calling the plays. So I think that kind of solves that one right there. If the quarterback and the coordinator are on the same page and they’re not with each other all the time and they don’t know that person’s thought that’s going to come out of their head. If I don’t know what EJ (Manuel) is thinking or Jeff (Tuel) is thinking or if they don’t know what I’m thinking we’re going to have a problem. That’s really good there.

“Then getting to the whole team I think that the coaching staff that we have here has been awesome and they understand the vision of what I’m trying to do. My other job is to be able to coordinate the coaches to make sure we’re all working together. That’s why we still get together and talk and get the group fired up. It’s about everybody being on the same page. That’s my job.”

When asked if he feels he’s given enough time to the rookie QBs, Hackett felt he had a good division of his time in place.

“It’s a delicate combination. You have to balance the whole thing out,” he said. “You have to know you’re giving these young guys enough time without letting the offense forget about me and forget the vision. If I just go and hide in this little (QBs) room, they’re going to go, ‘Where is the guys that’s calling the shots here?’ It’s a delicate balance and I think up to this point we’ve seen some good stuff on the field and I give all the credit to the coaching staff because they’re the ones holding the thing together.”

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